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Hillbillies vs Hicks vs Rednecks

One of the questions I've been asked quite often has been "What is the difference between hillbillies, hicks and rednecks?"

I suspect that the answer will vary depending on who is asked.

One answer was given by Jack who is starring in some of the videos below:

"Rednecks farm, hicks collect trash and hillbillies marry family."  (Meaning brothers marry their sisters, etc.)

From Brian the answer we get is:

"Hillbillies are born, rednecks are by choice.  Hicks exist everywhere - there are so many different types."

And from my friend Kevin, who is a hick, he says it's regional as to which someone is.  See 'Cooler Corn' videos below.


Seth P. and I were talking:

Logan:  "My parents had some of their friends over.  They told me to be 'charming'.
Seth P (laughing):  "Do they know who you are?"
Logan:  "They really don't."

Welcome to the world

And, once you're in it:


In NERO, it seems that lots of people want to 'become nobility'.  Usually, this is a sign of 'raging ego'.  They like other players bowing and scraping.  I've never been into this.   The only reason I made Lumsie any sort of nobility was it fit into the story.  Because it was 'from another dimension', it was rarely taken at all seriously.  So I'm at the NERO event and the head of the Bloodguard (can't remember his name, I called him 'the Captain') had pretty much taken over NERO Nebraska.  He stopped by with all of his players and said "Bow to Lumsie!"  They all did.  I was feeling pretty awkward and uncomfortable till I looked over at Derek Jones (playing Blizzard) who had a WTF look on his face.  That made it all worthwhile.


Apologizes to the readers of this blog for not posting much during "Logan's Home Invasion".

While in the USA, I didn't do 'tourist things'.  I met up with a lot of very cool, kind individuals.  Honestly, my interactions with them were of huge interest to me - but not so much to people who don't know them.  Also, since I'm in their homes, didn't want to breech their privacy with my 'unique' reporting style.  It felt good to take a vacation from my...er...vacation?  Lifestyle?

And now, the thank yous...

Thanks to the trip coordinators within each state for working their asses off coordinating stays and rides.

A heartfelt thank you for all of the people I stayed with who provided time, effort, food, alcohol, cigarettes and in some cases even paid for my NERO events.  They went so far above and beyond the call of duty - or even common hospitality - that it blows my mind.  My favorite activity was sitting around and getting to know you all better.

Thanks to the NERO chapters who comped my events and to those who made me feel at home.  Although I really don't 'play' NERO any more, the chance to meet up with other NERO players, tell stories, train, and, in the few cases where the plot teams had any flexibility, to get people involved with a 'Lumsie story' was a lot of fun.

For those who don't know what a 'Lumsie story' is:  It's been over a decade (?) since I've played NERO.  For some unknown reason, stories involving Lumsie (my character at NERO) are still going round the campfire.  It is weird being a celebrity - even in such a limited way.  For those who don't know what NERO is, it is a LARP.

Almost everyone I stayed with is a NERO player.  When you get involved with NERO, it is joining a new family.  A huge, strange, dysfunctional and at times incestuous family - but a good family nonetheless.  It's a family I'm proud to be in.

PS:  If I missed anyone in my thank you's, let me plead pre-Alzheimer's.


Warning to my readers not from 'Merica.

The food there doesn't do you any favors.

It's very good going in...  But...

I don't know if it's that it is all 'Frankenfood' but it was worse on me than street vendor food in NW India.  Considering that I ate either homemade or small non-fast food restaurant food exclusively, this is alarming.


It's very strange to be a world traveler.  This is so far outside of many people's lives they just can't really grasp it.  Or don't care.  Honestly, I expected to be quizzed a lot more about my travels than I was.  Instead, many conversations went like this:

Host:  "So, you're a world traveler."
Logan:  "Yes."
Host:  "I have a cat named Tibbles."

And we talk about their cat.  Very odd.


I flew on Spirit Air.  For some reason, they wanted 'proof of onward transport'.  This is not required by the countries I'm visiting.  I suspect it has something to do with the OCD displayed by air carriers.  Beware of it and have a fake ticket prepared.

Since wiki was full of scary shit about Guatemala, I decided to first visit the protect tourist place of Antigua Guatemala (Old Guatemala).   From the airport, it was only 80Q (about 10 USD) for a nice shuttle ride.  Passing through the capital, there seemed to be nothing of interest other than poverty and desperation.

It is more expensive in Antigua Guatemala but it should provide a good way to settle back into traveling.  The hotel room I've got seems fine though I may have discovered what I call 'fun and games' (aka shenanigans) being done by the hotel to charge extra money not on the bill.  Got to check it out.  If so, I'll move and put up an unfavorable review of 'Posada Juma Ocag'.  We'll see how it goes.

Haven't seen anything in 'Antigua' that seems to be a reason for tourists to come here.  Very baffling.  Perhaps it is a center point for exploring Guatemala.  Not sure.  Hell, there don't seem to be many tourists around.  Much less than say Kathmandu.   What they do have is a lot of guards and police armed with pistol gripped, pump action shot guns and wary looks as well as bars on every window.

Yippie ki yay.


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