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After working for seven months at Friends Hostel, I was burned the heck out.  I won't say a bad word on the hostel, but seven months of dealing with customers and drama is more than enough for Logan.

I'd been thinking about leaving after six months but then enter Mark Rein-Hagen.  He liked the creativity I brought into his games so he decided to hire me for a bit.  So that keeps me up till month seven.

Mark notices that some mornings I am dragging ass into his place due to being work up during the night...  Once.  Twice.  Four times, whatever by guests - drunken or not - coming or going.  I announce it may be time to leave Georgia.

But wait!  Says Mark.  I've got big projects here and want you in them.  So much so that I will pay for you to stay somewhere if you can find a place for a month.  We look for a couple weeks with absolutely no luck.  Enter François Thibault.  He starts working with Mark.  He is clever.  On the last day before I was to buy a plane ticket, he finds a place.

The unkind among you (like Tim or Chris especially) might say "It is better than you deserve you fat bastard."  They are probably right.  It's a newly renovated efficiency apartment with pretty much everything I could use in it.  And, in an evil plot to keep me in Tbilisi, the rent is all paid by Mr Vampire himself Mark - in addition to my normal salary.

I feel like a very grateful and very very lucky man.

Did I mention that it seems to be in a nice part of town with an inexpensive Arabic restaurant right across the street?  Yeah boy.


Note:  This is something that happened in the Heroic Cthulhu Roleplaying game and copied from Facebook to save it in perpetuity.

A Sal Brothers story, told by Justin Doyle

So there we were, two 1920's gangsters in Dunwich. Looking at the map, Matthew Lunn decides we should check out Panther hill:

Me: "I don't want to get mauled by a panther."
Matt: "There are no panthers in Massachusetts."
Me: "Fine."

So off we go to Panther Hill. Suddenly, Logan Horsford calls for a spot roll. I fumble. Unbeknownst to me, Matt sees a panther in the forest, about to maul me. What does Matt do? Waits for it. I get a little chewed up before finally killing the beast.

Score: Dunwich - 1, Sal - 0

A little while later...
Matt: "We should check out Bear Gorge."
Me: "No. No bears."
Matt: "There are no bears in Massachusetts." (I see a pattern developing...)

Cut to: I've been mauled by a bear, I'm near death and unconscious. Matt finds a helpful local NPC and a stretcher and they begin running with me to a local doc. Running rolls for everyone! Matt passes, of course. What does Logan do? In Logan-esque fashion, he fumbles. Great, now I'm tumbling down a hill whilst strapped to a stretcher.

Miraculously, I survive the run/fall/roll/catastrophe to the doc. Matt, in a moment of "divine" inspiration, calls upon Yig to help heal is mortally wounded brother.

Cut to: The doctor dies from venomous snake bites.

Now, what does any insane gangster with access to a small pharmacy filled with unlabeled bottles do? Inject the medications at random till something works!

Score: Dunwich - 5, Sal - 0.

In a moment of luck only Matt could acquire, he does, in fact, find the right meds. A little sloppy first aid (I ended up with a bandage job that looked like Jack the Ripper went to town on a person being mummified alive), some pain killers, and time to get the fuck out of Dunwich.

Score: Dunwich - 5, Sal 1.

Most stories like this end here. But oh no, not a Sal Brothers story! See, in dealing with the "thing" in Dunwich, Matt and I managed to kill just about everyone. This left an incredible area of low cost land that was just waiting to be developed. So we did what mobsters do: Buy all the land, level the town, build a casino, and give it to our Uncle, the Don.

Winner? The Sal Brothers.

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  1. Hmm... he's paying you to provide him with service... and he's paying you for a place to stay... every man's dream Logan: you got a Sugar Daddy!

    (not that I'm jealous or anything.)



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