Monday, December 2, 2013



Got a great double hitter (so to speak) on Monday.  Bob Bloom came through on getting me some cash so I transferred him some of the Paypal money I'd received as donations.  Because I don't like relying on just one plan when death is on the line my buddy Bert also had some of the other donations sent via Western Union.

Both came in like champs.

Now, I just have to get my actual credit card so I can stop worrying all together.  Once my secondary (Paypal) credit card gets here (probably much later) then I will have a backup plan in case this sort of thing happens in the future.

So I would like to thank the half dozen people who gave donations via paypal.

Thank you very much, you saved my ass.

I appreciate it.

Yes, of course I bought the people who run the hostel a big box of chocolates for putting up with my shit.  Of course.


Those who know me well know that I have long been deeply cynical and suspicious of soup.

It's not a drink yet it can't get up the gumption to be solid food.  So it's playing at both yet being neither.  Unless you are stuck in Ukraine or a country that serves borscht you can probably at least claim you got a hot meal.  Or a hot beverage.  Well, it was hot anyway.   Who knows whether it was a very thin meal or a really thick beverage.

Doubly suspicious am I of 'foreign' soups.  There could be ANYTHING in there.  Also, there are often bones hidden in the soup.  They claim it's for the flavor but I think it's more of the 'laziness of soup'.  You can't tell about dodgy ingredients in soup the way you could in solid foods.

I have found one place which warrants a passing grudging respect of their soup.  It is this place.  I'd tell you the name but who the hell knows what it is?
You can tell it's a place that makes soups if they can't be bothered to repair their sign, right?


So Bob Bloom shows up to the hostel and wants to turn in his laundry to get cleaned, the way I do.

They tell him to take it to a laundry place and recommend one.

After four different trips and tries, he finally gets his laundry turned in to a place.

He's talking to me trying to figure out why I seem to get special dispensation for different things - like just give my laundry to the desk and they get it taken care of for no extra charge.

I don't want to say "Because I'm Logan" in my "Because I'm Rick James, bitch" voice.  That sounds pretty conceited.

I suppose I could talk about expectations, troubling to learn everyone's name and having a chat with them (so far as my language skills allow), being honestly interested in other people and stuff like that - but it seems like I'd almost be trying to teach a class on human interaction.

Felbrigg came up with the best short one liner to explain it:  "Friends do favors".


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