Thursday, December 4, 2014



Went with Guy and D.D. to a comedy club.  They know the guy who was the master of ceremonies and so he gave them two free tickets.  I paid for mine, it was under $10.

The nachos I had before the show were surprisingly good.  With two beers it came to around $13 including tip.  A pretty cheap night out.

The comedy was alright though there were a lot of 'in' jokes dealing with local politics and such which went well over my head.

They have a small smoking area in which I visited with a guy named Martin.  He didn't tell me but he was the lead act.  I'd told him a couple stories which he thought were very funny and assured me 'they would get a laugh'.

There were only two disappointments in the evening.  First was that I'd wanted to go on stage but they'd already filled their 'open mic' slots.  Despite never having been to a comedy club before I did volunteer to get on stage.  Freakishly outgoing.

The worst thing about the show was the audience.  I've been told that the 'culture' here is very participatory.  When people do things like walk across the stage while someone is performing, talk amongst themselves incessantly and yell things out regularly, I don't think words like 'participatory' or 'culture'.  Different words like 'drunk' and 'assholes' come to mind.

Not the kind of place I'd ever want to have to work for a paycheck.  I felt for the comedians there.

Overall, glad I went for a different  kind of experience but it was way too noisy to want to go back.


The other night, I introduced the concept of cake with ice cream here.

Apparently, these are not normally put together in South Africa.

And I've yet to find any place other than the USA/Western Europe that does what I've termed 'American style pies'.

The pies here contain chicken, beef, etc.

I've heard that 'American style pies' may exist here but they seem to be as common as the yeti.  The closest thing they have here are 'tarts' which are good but seem like compacted pies.


The country has a lot of wild extremes.  They have kindness and heroism such as the people who rescued a Dutch Tourist (read about that here) and they have 'necklacing' which was created here and can be read about here.

I've personally met tons of awesome people (and gamers, yea!) but even the ones who are the most friendly either have been robbed or directly know others who have suffered horrific crimes.


By the standards of the USA, it is a small gathering.  All of the various booths can be walked through in less than half an hour.  However, this was only their second gathering.  It should be interesting to see what it's like in a few years.

Although it is primarily merchants selling stuff I can't carry, there was also a large tent for various games, some costume competitions and so on.

Detailed costumes, custom contact lenses...

After walking around and eating some pretty bad (though cheap) Thai food, I ended up hanging out and working a bit at the booth of a friend's girlfriend for several hours until I got taken home.

If I were in to board gaming or able to buy stuff to store at my castle it would have been a bit more interesting.

Fortunately, there were nice people to chat with a bit and I got to meet more of the NERO people.


"Telling people I don't own a phone is such a conversation stopper." - Logan.


Now here's a license plate...

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