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A huge thank you to Carolyn N. and all the other people who worked on the title of this 'Home Invasion' tour name!!

For those who don't keep up with me on Facebook, this massive tour through Europe will be kicking off on August 1st.

It's looking like seven countries (one of which I've not spent any time in before!) and I'll be staying with a lot of friends.  Epic fun coming up.

But until then, honestly, not a lot is going on.

In Plovdiv, Bulgaria I'm just burning time hanging out in a very nice apartment (with it's own washing machine) and bitching about the shoddy state of video games and shows from the TV.  Although I despise watching television itself, I do obtain commercial free shows and watch them on my computer.

Doesn't make for outstanding blogging.

Until either something interesting happens here or the journey starts, don't expect a lot of space filling blogs.


By Joseph Osborne

For the benefit of Logan's non-American readers, he is correct, Americans don't arbitrarily hate the Celsius scale. . .they just get frustrated with trying to mentally convert it or figure it out. They are raised on Fahrenheit, so they don't know what those numbers mean, and sometimes try to do vague conversions or estimates in their head and get confused or frustrated.

Why the US hasn't adopted Metric is something you could write books on. Really short version: the process was beginning in the 1970's, but it got politicized and Ronald Reagan's administration hated the Metric system so they actively stopped any metrication in the US. Since then there's been no real government or cultural drive to adopt it. It's been slowly leaking in some places, such as beverage packaging in liters and milliliters, but it still has strong opposition in some corners who see it as a partisan political issue and somehow unpatriotic to use.

Also, in the spirit of his Celsius guide, I give you an adaptation of that. Celsius as it applies to Kentucky weather:

40 = Hottest days of summer. Everyone knows it's hot, and everyone is complaining. Will probably be like this for a few days in July or early August.
30 = Normal summer midday temperature. Its kinda hot, we're used to it.
20 = Nice fall or spring day, or a very mild summer day. Everyone is talking about what a nice day it is.
10 = Chilly early Spring or late Fall day. Wear a coat.
0 = Typical winter day.
-10 = Cold Winter Day. Wear gloves and a scarf in addition to your coat.
-20 = Coldest Night of the Year, will be like this on some nights in January or February. Leave the faucets on a bit so the pipes don't burst.
-30 = Equivalent to all time record low temperature recorded around here.

Thanks Joseph!


Outside of India, Bulgaria I got the cheapest shave ever.

According to a barber I spoke with, Bulgarian barbers do not offer straight razor shaves because Bulgarians are too 'macho' (his word) to shave.

I was able to get a machine shave for 2 LEV.

That's approximately $1.14.  They don't expect to be tipped either.

And people say "Why don't you want to lug a heavy electric trimmer around?"


The next time you want to impress your friends with a scholarly quote, wait till they say something (doesn't matter what) and say "Well, you know what Sir Thomas Beecham said..."

(Give a second as they wonder who the hell it is then continue.)

"Always try everything once except for incest and folk dancing."

Then sit back and grin at them like a maniac.

Since it was a quote of a knight of the realm, that makes it classy.

And here is a link to it so you don't think I'm just making shit up.     Now, go be classy to your friends or boss!


For those who want to see my drunken posts of 140 characters or less harassing the rich and famous, my handle on Twitter is Logan9a.


If YOU (yes, you) have an article you want to put into the blog, let me know.


These are from Indonesia - the small island:

Norma 1
Norma 2  (Why do I have two?  Who knows.  My eventual editor can sort it out or make a montage.)


Meal - about 6-12 lev depending on what you want.
Beard trim (machine, not straight razor), 2 lev.
Plastic bottle of boot leg wine, 6 lev.
Glass bottle of legal wine, 12 lev.

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