Saturday, January 23, 2016



As I was wandering around, I picked up a 'Death Railway' t-shirt. Hopefully, a mere XXL will fit as they don't seem to know what a XXXL could be.

I was imagining the people who were cruelly tortured brought here as old people. While they were crying thinking about their comrades in arms lost to the brutality, t-shirts saying 'death railway' could be yanked over them and pictures taken with Asians idiotically grinning and making the peace sign next to and behind them.

What a great homecoming they'd have had.


On the rail headed south.  Of course, I had to take a bus to Ban Pong because you can't take the railway from the death rail place.  That's just a tourist schlock.

Well, I'm in Prachuap Khiri Khan.  It's a small quiet town.  Haven't been able to find a place nicer than the one I'm currently staying that isn't double the price or much much more.

The place I'm staying is small, dark and the bathroom is a step above the hole in the floor type.

There is a spittoon filled with water within and I've no idea why.

This town has quite a few tourists who say they come here to get away from other tourists.  Then, they hang out with tourists and talk about how glad they are to be off the tourist trail.

I'd asked what there was in this town to see and was told it is a town to 'relax' in.  By relax, they mean 'drink' or do drugs.  Like the guy on heroine I'd met last night.

It's a dull fucking town.  Researching my further moves to the south now.

Looking ahead at the next two towns I may go to (Chumphon and Surat Thani) I'm not seeing anything too nifty.


Now I'm in Chumphon.  Absolutely delighted to have something much closer to a 'proper' hotel room.  By that I mean that corpses of various insects aren't on display with a spittoon within the bathroom and I don't have to suck in my gut to get the door closed.

The price is 440 baht - much more pricey than the 300 baht room but at least for awhile it seems worth it.  A kind Frenchman I'd met showed me a place that could be gotten for 100 baht.  It is run by Chinese and seems to be built along the lines of an opium den.  Since they've never heard of wifi, I took a pass on it.  Do opium dens have wifi these days?

Tomorrow, I'm going to start wandering the town.   Hopefully, it will be more interesting than Prachuap Khiri Khan.


When people are vague on prices, RUN.  Don't think about it, just run.

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