Sunday, March 27, 2016



I've been studying the island I'm on and deciding it might be time to get off it soon.

I'm not a great planner - first to admit that. Plus, too much planning can make you a slave to the schedule. But on this I'm thinking "Meh".

On the Malaysian side I've not come across anything that has really made it 'worth' checking out. You can see the same kind of architecture and such here as on the mainland. Yes, there are very few white people (I see about three per day) but I'm not the kind of tourist that uses that as a yardstick to 'how far off the beaten path' I've gotten. It simply doesn't matter that much. Besides, having a 'tourist area' often gives access to cheap lodgings and foreign food. They really don't do 'breakfast' in most of these countries - unless you like 'soup'.

It appears that once I am out of the Malaysian side of the island it becomes a way overpriced version of "Where the wild things grow". As people who read my blog well know, I don't mind staying in shitty places. I do mind when they come with a high price tag. Paying fifteen or twenty dollars per night for a place in a pretty horrible town (or pretty horrible hotel for that matter) doesn't work for me. According to my research, that is what they charge. Or more. Why - I don't know. Who would stay there - I can't say. The road does appear to get more complicated and wild.

Checked out the Kingdom of Brunei but just getting a bus ticket from there back into Malaysia is an astonishing $70. Fuck that, I can get a plane (love 'Air Asia') for less than that.

So now I've got to think about where to go and what to do. Getting out of Malaysia (visa expires in about ten days) is paramount. From here (Miri on the island of Borneo if you want to look it up) AA flies to Kuala Lumpur (KL) for $40. Plus luggage and such. All told, less than $100. More than I want to spend (trying to save money) but I've worked my way pretty far into the island before discovering it might not have been a great idea.

Such is travel.

I'm really completely unsure as to what to do once I'm back in KL. I could stay in SE Asia to try to save money but god I'd love to get out and back to Eastern Europe.  Otherwise, I know I'll just be traveling the same ground and countries.  While it is true that I've hit nearly all the countries I want to get to and can afford to do so, hitting them again so soon is a bummer.

More research to discover what to do is needed. Fortunately, I have a couple days.

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