Friday, April 22, 2016



And...moving on!


No.  I worry that the experience may be something like this and that would hook me.


When you can't remember the last time you had your teeth cleaned, it's probably time to get your teeth cleaned.

I was wandering around as usual (lost - don't judge me) and espied a dental office. I went in and asked the lady dental assistant how much for a teeth cleaning. Three hundred. (Every hundred is about four dollars). My buddies research showed that was in the normal ball park. Three hundred to four hundred. I was thinking that and an Xray. They had no xray machine. This is sadly not uncommon.

She wanted me to make an appointment. I blathered at her and made it clear that I'd wander out. She had me sit down. Eventually, the dentist who had a few words of English.

I explained that I was just passing through and if I could wait for an opening, I would. Otherwise, I could just wander off. She didn't wand money wandering out the door so I was asked to wait.

Good answer.

It's also a good way to discover if there is anything seriously wrong with my teeth. The dentist wants to get some more money so if they find something they generally don't keep it a secret.

Naturally, they found something. It seems I had a hole in one of my teeth. Like a little pit. Yes, something should be done about it. Yes, they were happy to do something about it. Right now was fine. They'd said it would be three hundred more but it turned out to be four hundred and fifty.

Honestly, I really didn't mind the extra six dollars in this case. Like all work on Logan, it seemed to take quite awhile.

The put some sort of plastic into my mouth that surrounded the individual tooth. It really did make it feel like I was attempting to fellatiate a giant rubber man. Or a monster cock made of balloons. Weird.

The most painful thing was closing my mouth after I'd held it open for over two hours.

It seems they did good work - which is good because I'm not sure where the dentist office is or if I could find my way back there.

PRICES  (prices in UAH; at the time of writing, divide by 26 for USD)

Dentist:  Cleaning, 300; filling 450.  (Did I pay the 'foreigner price'?  Could I have bargained it down cheaper?  Considering I was an unscheduled walk in and the cleaning and filling were less than $30, I am not too alarmed.)

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