Sunday, July 3, 2011


I had gotten too comfortable. I had forgotten to lock my small locks on my backpack.

I don't know if it would have helped, but I do feel stupid for not doing it. I didn't think I was in a risky enough situation to warrant it.

My backpack was not yawning open nor were goodies someone would want to steal lying about in plain sight. The backpack had been closed.

I think what happened is that someone saw me taking medicine. They noticed I am usually in a bit of pain and figured that there might be pain killers in there.

They were wrong.

So, the thief made off with my medicine out of the bag. Also taken was my bag of miscellaneous emergency stuff - condoms, pepto tablets, some cold medicine, etc.

Also, for some inexplicable reason they took my blood pressure monitor.

They used my dirty clothing bag to store their loot in and didn't have the decency to empty out the dirty clothing in it. So, I lost at least one pair of underwear. Hopefully not any pants.

But losing a pair of underwear is annoying. Especially given that I found out the two pair I recently bought were made of something other than cotton.

So I need more underwear.

It's a real bummer.

I hate the aftermath of getting robbed.

You don't want to be suspicious of any of the great and friendly people that went through but you can't stop wondering which one was the douche bag.

Oh, and I have to spend a lot of money replacing the medicine. That's irritating.

The thieves did leave the medicine I'd bought in Bosnia on top of the bed for some reason. That was nice of them and gives me a thirty (or more) day supply.

So, I'm back to keeping an eye on stuff as well as I can.

This incident does make me wish every hostel had the big gear lockers you can fit your entire backpack into. Incidents like that don't happen when you lock up everything. I think the amount of space the lockers take up is not significant to how getting robbed can fuck up your time - especially for someone on vacation.

It does hurt when you don't have much and get robbed.

To the robber: Thanks, douche bag.


  1. I'm collecting a huge supply of your medicine over here Logan. If I can send it to you, let me know.

  2. Hang on to it. I've checked with the Georgians that are running the embassy. They assure me the postal system here completely sucks balls. They have assured me that anything sent to me has such a small chance of reaching me that if you were to put it on your doorway with a label that says "Get this to Logan" it would have an approximately equal chance of reaching me. For inner country mail the people give things to 'marshuka' (small passenger bus) drivers and pay 5 GEL to have them take it somewhere else. For international mail, they use DHL but to send a package from the states would be prohibitively expensive. Please hold on to the medicine and I will let you know when I settle down in a country that has decent mail. To replace my medicine (for one month worth) was $60. I suspect it will cost close to that to send it.

    Yes - in pharmacy stuff, America is getting totally fucked by the companies that make it. Like quadruple penetration fucked.

    For you that would included your personal stash/pharmacopeia.

    Having said that.....I told you that Georgians were lyin, theivin, nefarious bastards.

    That's why I recommended it

  4. Pharm now locked up. God, how I miss the full backpack lockers.

  5. Dear Logan,
    I'm really sorry for that bad experience,but i think one should be careful in every country..
    "I told you that Georgians were lyin, theivin, nefarious bastards." your friend sure that he really visited Georgia?
    As for a postal service, there is a transportation company, which can get your stuff from USA in a week for 8$ per kg (see the link)..
    so not all the "systems here completely suck balls" ...=]]]]]]]]
    good luck

  6. LaPupsik:

    I agree I should have been more careful with my gear.

    The one who made comments about Georgians - don't worry, he hates everyone equally.

    On the postal systems, as the quote said, I am relating what other Georgians have told me. I haven't tried mailing anything and will probably not do so in the near future from here. I appreciate the link but haven't seen this courier company before. I don't mind waiting till I get to a different country to have stuff mailed as I'm not in desperate need of anything just at the moment. But thank you!



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