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In an answer of how can YOU make money while traveling, the answer is 'if you have a family, car, house and stuff, you can't make enough money to travel indefinitely'. Women (in general) are nest builders and 'want to be close to their families' so they aren't often into traveling indefinitely. If you aren't trying for a six month or year or longer travel time, then working isn't really going to be something you'll have time for. For someone interested in working, there are lots of places you can find with research to teach English. It's not what I'm doing but it is something people can do - even those without a university degree, experience etc can do. Other people tend bar. Other people take on three jobs for six months, work like mad then quit everything to travel for six months to a year then restart the cycle. Others get jobs they can do remotely. In general though, you have 'stuff and comfort' vs 'adventure and travel' - you only get one of the two categories. This bums people out but it's what I've seen to be true thus far.

I was discussing this with one of my fellow travelers and she said that people make excuses up they call reasons instead of 'just doing it'.


Pete sent me an article from 'The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited' which listed the ten cheapest cities (of the ones they surveyed). For those interested they include: Dhaka in Bangladesh, Mantia in the Philippines, Panama City in Panama, Alglers in Algeria, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, New Delhi in India, Tehran in Iran, Mumbai in India, Tuis in Tunisia and Karachi in Pakistan.

Obviously, some of those places I won't be able to get to but I did find the list interesting.


· Consultation/Vaccination Review-$ 30/50.06 GEL
· Hep A - $95/158.53 GEL
· Hep B - $42/ 70.08 GEL (per shot)
· Typhoid - $70/116.81 GEL
· Diphtheria Tetanus - $45/ 75.09 GEL
· Yellow fever - $95/158.53 GEL
· Rabies - $42/ 70.08 GEL (per shot)
· Meningo A+C - $ 60/100.12 GEL

These are the rates I got back from a place in Tbilisi. I sent back a letter inquiring as to why their rates were approximately double those of western Europe.

They sent back a letter saying indeed it was cheaper in Asia and Africa but denied it was expensive in Europe. Despite what another traveler had told me about it being 200 Euros for the whole thing. Huh.

Unfortunately, the US Embassy doesn't have an e-mail contact - just phone and snail mail. Meh.


Public passionate kissing is illegal in Tbilisi though this is not enforced.


Ugly shorts, 10 GEL
Good flip flops that Iraq-Lee picked up for me, seem good thus far 17 GEL


  1. "the answer is 'if you have a family, car, house and stuff-

    You can sell them!

    (that's the Logan answer I was expecting. ;) )

  2. Sell the kids for scientific experiments!

  3. I couldn't travel to europe anyway... My fat ass would shuffle through the tiny streets knocking over small buildings in my way. A group of villagers would just follow me from town to town as the echos of, "Chris Smash !!!!" permeated the countryside.



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