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TJ strongly urged me to watch this despite my hatred of both 'zombie' and 'vampire' shows. So it is on his head. The only 'zombie' type movie I've seen recently that's been worth a shit is Zombieland. I think it was mainly the rules and comedy I liked in that. Note that part two may come about in 2013. I will check that out then.

It appears they have hit several things that have been done to death in this series though I hope it gets better as I go. [8.8 on IMDB? Hell, it must get better! Or standards are lacking...]

*Guy wakes up in the hospital and (big surprise) the rest of the area/planet/universe has gone to shit. Despite this, things like water and some electricity are still working. Apparently, we can fire all those people who work at those places as they are totally unneeded. Despite the world going to shit and everyone dying, somehow this asshole laying totally unprotected in a hospital room was overlooked.

*Little girl zombies. Sure, kids are creepy - especially British children whose eyes shine blue if you shine a direct light on them at night. I had gotten this off of the Simpsons - though when I said it to an older British gentleman, he just nodded. Hence, I figure it's true. Anyway, they like to have little kid zombies figuring it to be creepy - and they like to have them killed to show that 'there is no border they won't cross' - including violence to children. Whoopie. Been done to death, if you'll forgive the pun. Saw it (I shit you not) in the opening scene.

*The hero starts out as bumbling and stupid. I can see that in some of the places I've been ad with different sorts of professions other than a cop. Even the most stupid cop - when confronted with something strange and possibly dangerous would say - get dressed and put on shoes and get some sort of weapon (preferably a gun) before going exploring. The hero in this seemed to rely on his hospital gown as adequate protection. Hell, I'd have gone with a fucking toga made out of the bed sheet if I was really hard up. For his light source, a single book of matches. Here I was only 19 minutes into the first episode and I was rooting for the zombies against such a lame dude. They have lots of emergency flashlights and such around. If they didn't want him to have one, having him do a frenzied look for emergency supplies and finding nothing but an empty box would have told me 'at least he's trying' as opposed to 'what a douchebag'.

*Rather than go through an obviously empty hospital looking for supplies that would aid him (something some of us do even in hospitals that have staff in them...) his first thought is 'there is obviously some danger outside - I've been given sufficient warning and foreshadowing - lets get out there! Douchebag.

*If some fast spreading zombie mojo is in the air, why do these idiots head for high population areas?

*They also had the 'over the top racist guy'. Me? I'd have just stuck a bullet into his head rather than listen to his shit. Redemption? I'd feel better about myself popping a cap in him than working to redeem that individual.

Now, to be fair, half way through the second episode (yes, I did make it that far - I am shocked as well) they did have one innovative thing.

*Zombies figure out who to attack by their sense of smell. [I would have tried doing something when there were few zombies around - like attacking one to see if it responded since I smell like a zombie.]

I could only make it halfway through the second episode before hitting the 'delete' button. Just too fucking painful for me. For myself, I desire a protagonist who isn't an idiot. To follow the stories of some people that don't get killed through wanton stupidity. Have some humor. For this crowd, I kept thinking "Holy fuck - how did they survive this long?"

Sure, this might have had some good ideas in it for a game, but I'm going to let someone else go through the onerous duty of watching this crap to dig through the series for the.


Leverage - clever people doing clever things.

Castle - I'm a fan of Nathan Fillion from Firefly/Serenity

Lie to Me - I think this one may have been cancelled, but I liked it a lot.

Dr Who - Been a fan of this show for years, since the '80's.

Burn Notice - Clever people doing clever things but what really makes this a great show is the voice over in which the main character explains his actions to the audience.

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