Sunday, January 29, 2012



Today, I bought a 'pacsafe'. It is a mesh of wire that goes over the backpack and has a place you can lock it. While only a solid metal ball would be pretty secure, it still steps up the security for the backpack. Before I went on the trip, I didn't know about them. During the trip, I held off of buying one partially due to the investment (about $100) and partially due to reading other travelers thoughts on it. They said things like 'it makes your bag more conspicuous. After already getting robbed twice, I'm thinking 'fuck them, they don't know what they're talking about'. So, I will let everyone know if I get to play the game 'who stole Logan's stuff' again. I hope not but it is one of the downsides of travel.

The upsides do make it worth while, IMO.


Today I saw an overweight, middle aged lady naked taking a bath on the street. I didn't get a picture because:

a) Thais can go from smiling to ax-murder the interloper quick if they get riled.
b) Nobody wants to see fat, naked, middle aged women.
c) I didn't want a fat, naked, middle aged woman chasing my fat, crippled and slow ass down the street.


Odd Street


No flag - stops everywhere
Orange flag - some stops
Yellow flag - only main stops
Green flag - only runs in the morning and evening, goes to different provinces.

The thing to know about river taxis is that they are 20 TBH or less (less than a dollar) and you have to ask people which dock is the river taxi. There are a lot of over priced tourist boat docks mixed in with the river taxi docks. Also, the river taxi docks are numbered. This makes it pretty easy to figure out where you are and when you should disembark.


set back in Kzoo's chapter where they had the individual rooms in the inn. Someone was looking for me and searching the rooms. I had hired three young girls to give me a backrub. (My back hurt, Lumsie was one of the richer players in NERO - it all worked out). A guy looking for me opened the door and gazed down on what appeared to me on the floor with three young, pretty and fit women. He had a look of bafflement in his eyes. I said "What?" He just slowly closed the door, looking stunned. [Disclaimer: Nothing at all naughty happened - I just wanted a back rub and got it.]


Pacsafe, 3200 TBH


  1. pacsafe - sounds like what we checked out at a couple of Prague camping stores which lead you to declaring you could make something like that. Which lead to the search for hardware stores to get wire etc.

  2. Exactly so sir. Now, I have both! Bwahaaha!



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