Tuesday, June 5, 2012



I was talking to a twenty nine year old man who was getting ready to go have a night out on the town.  I advised him not to take anything he didn't want to lose with him.  He said I was a 'fear monger'.  The next morning, he discovered he had lost his I-phone.  And credit card.  He said he was more angry about me being right than losing his stuff.  

"It's a horrible burden I bear." I retorted.


The first night I arrived in town I was pretty tired and out of sorts.  I had a beer and a very nice conversation with some other travelers.  After that night, I was sick (the dreaded 'traveler's tummy') for the next three days.  Boy did that suck.

After lying around the hostel for several days I finally got a bit better and was able to journey forth without worrying my ass would unexpectedly spray shit.  It's a happy feeling.

Bangkok is pretty much sweltering.  Even the Thais are complaining about the heat.  During the day I'm not seeing many tourists running around.  

Sorry that there aren't more pictures and videos here in Bangkok but I got most of that crap done the first two times I was here.  When I get out of Bangkok I'll make more for your amusement.


Since I messed up by not having some ports into and out of Indonesia written down, the worker at the Indonesian embassy seemed suspicious that I wouldn't leave his country or something odd.  Had I been thinking more clearly, I'd have said "Take a look at my passport.  Do you honestly think I'm going to stay anywhere?"

As I write this, it is Tuesday.  On Thursday, my passport should be ready one way or the other.  As I understand it, the Indonesian government gets to keep my $45 either way.  Bummer.  

Whichever way it goes, I am out of Bangkok on Thursday.

Thank god.

Unless things get totally strange, I should have time to grab my passport (hopefully with a shiny new Indonesian visa), retrieve my crap then taxi it over to the place I'm getting the bus ticket.  Then, it's off to Krabi Town and hopefully something more interesting than a third time in Bangkok.

My loose plans are the south of Thailand to Indonesia to Philippines to Cambodia then god knows where.  Hopefully by then I'll have saved up some money and I can GTFO of Asia.  Either Africa or back to eastern Europe would be nice.

But if you are a regular reader, you know how my 'plans' go...


Current weight, fully clothed with satchel and such, 121 KG.  (Fuck pounds - only three countries use that crap).

My 'diet plan' consisting of not being able to keep anything in combined with sweating my ass off constantly and - due to the extreme heat - not wanting to eat much - seems to be working.


Cheap flip flops, starting price 450 TBH, bargained down to 250 TBH.

Thai boxing seats, 1000-2000 TBH.

Plate of kind of crappy spaghetti, 100-200 TBH.

Traveler's toothpaste, 13 TBH.

Big Arabic style meal to celebrate not being sick any more, 450 TBH.  That got out of hand (price wise) very quickly.

Bus from  Bangkok to 'Krabi Town', 550 TBH elsewhere or 800 TBH from the hostel.  Even with a 100-200 TBH taxi ride to get to the place I'm getting the bus from I'm saving money going elsewhere.  Always shop around.


  1. Are you in Bangkok too? I just read the latest post and saw you're leaving today... too bad! We just got back from Koh Pangan this morning to Bangkok, would have been awesome to hang out but I guess you won't see this until you're somewhere else. If you happen to stay a little longer, we stay at "at Home Guest House" it's behing Burger King on Khao San road. Hope your continued travels will be awesome, I'll read the rest of your blog when we get back to Sweden ;)

    if you want to see some photos from our journey head over to ellenjonas.blogspot.com, it's not very well updated because we don't have time haha but we'll upload as we find time and high speed internet.

    Take care, hope to meet you again!
    /Ellen and Jonas
    (btw, we bough 2 more kilos of tea ;D )

  2. As I am reading this I am down in Krabbi Town, getting ready to buy a ticket for Pukhet Malaysia. I'm going to be moving pretty fast till I get somewhere cheap and interesting with wifi. There I would like to sit for awhile.



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