Wednesday, June 5, 2013



Asked the guy at the hotel I'm staying at for more toilet paper.

Guy: "You want more toilet paper?"
Logan: (pause) "I like to poop."
                                                             EVERYBODY POOPS!


Just got done eating a 'camel burger'.

Real camel meat.  It's not just a name.

For those wondering what 'camel' tastes like, to me it was a rough sort of meat with a slightly 'curdled' taste which mustard helps with.

It is understandable why this hasn't caught on like our friend the cow, but if you're in the desert with an extra camel it would make some fine eating.  Especially compared with sand.
BTW - the salad is an IQ test.  If you eat it, you have failed.  For those wondering why, ask yourself what water they use to wash it off...  Hint:  not bottled.  So, yes the salad is probably healthy for you but is it worth the risk of 1-3 days sitting on the toilet with 'traveler's tummy'?

While I was at the Clock Cafe, I met up with a group of Americans there studying Classical Arabic.  Why they would go to Morocco (which speaks Moroccan Arabic) to study Classical is a complete mystery to me.  It's kind of like going to Brazil to learn Spanish.  Sure, you can learn it there but they don't normally speak it there and many other countries do.

In addition to this baffling behavior, one of the girls was excitedly babbling about being half an hour away from anyone she knew in a country she did not speak the language of.  Clearly, she and I have different definitions of 'adventure'.


Found out this is against religious law.  Not eating of cats and dogs specifically but eating any animal which eats the flesh of another is prohibited.  If the chickens had learned about that years ago they could have saved themselves a lot of grief.


Unknown to Logan, undercover police prowl around keeping tourists kind of safe.  They will make sure you don't get assaulted.  No problem with you getting scammed and pestered but they will keep you from getting beaten or killed.  Morocco knows that protecting its tourist trade is important.


My friend Conner is traveling in Greece and sent back these prices:

Bottle of ouzo: 8.50€
Waterfront dinner: 12-20€
Nice Dinner off the waterfront: 5-10€
Mid range hotel for 1: 20-30€
2 bed dorm: 12€ (where I'm staying)
Dessert: 3-6€
4 apples, 4 carrots, 4 sesame honey bars: 5€
They seem to have an amount that is preset as the locals' bargained price (usually 15-25% less) if you are willing to act a bit.


Camel Burger (Clock Cafe), 95 MAD
Almond Shake (interesting), 20 MAD
Note, the Clock Cafe staff expect 10% gratuity - and it actually seems to go to the staff...

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