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Carolyn suggested I make it easier to let people contribute money to me via paypal.  If you're wanting to send me money, go to and click the send money to someone button.  If you want it to go to me, my e-mail address to put in the blank is   Thanks in advance.  (If you don't want to send money to me, I do hope you will at least laugh evilly and wring your hands together for awhile.  It will make us both feel validated.)

For those wondering why I don't have a Paypal button on the blog, I do - it's at the bottom of the page.  I apologize for that but I can't figure out a way to put it at the top with the way it's set up.  So people have to scroll all the way down to find it.

Sucks, I know.


Because I have developed 'trust issues' while traveling, I called back the bank the next day to see how my card ordering went.

They didn't order the card.

The lady I'd talked to didn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I'd really hoped she'd hit the 'order card' button.

The lady I spoke with ordered my card.  Then she asked me security questions to see if I was a bad guy pretending to be Logan.

I'm wondering if the original lady did try to order it but due to the attempt to send the card to Ecuador, it hit the 'cancel order' button and was bound up in bureaucratic red tape.

Needless to say, I am calling back tomorrow to see if the card was really ordered.  [Note - I did and it's on the way to my buddy in the states who will then send it to me.]

Another happy fun time - when I asked 'how it would be sent to me', they didn't know.  I asked if it was possible to speak to the people who sent out the cards, no it was not.  Subcontractors.  Not possible to put a note on it either.  I'm not sure if I'm fucking it up by having them try to send it direct as opposed to Bert and then have him send it via FEDEX (which looks like it will cost $100 - feel the fun!).  What a pain in the ass.

My biggest comforts during this time are my buddy Bert who has my back in the USA and skype.  I'd also like to thank the three people who contributed some money to the paypal.  My donations now slightly exceed the number of posts I've made.


(Just because you're reading it doesn't mean I think you've absorbed enough of it's advertising yet)

From Carolyn N:

"This is Logan.

He has a foul mouth, and a dirty mind, and gives no fucks to beggars. He's already had a cooler life than you by a thousand times. And his ballsy antics would make Anthony Bourdain weep with joy and envy.

Read his blog, take his advice, and, if you have a mind to, throw him a few bucks so he can continue to write vulgar rants about his travels around the world!"


"Logan is every bit as gritty and interesting as the world he explores. Follow him as he gets drunk in every municipality in South America, scrambles to find new work to feed himself and his need for overpriced internet, all the while learning from the locals and haggling like a champ.

Logan's Voyage: It's the one you don't have the guts to take."

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  1. Hang in there Logan! We will get you some money soon! Damned Crooks! Don't think know its Thanksgiving? er uh,,,, wait... I guess they probably don't.... its Ecuador after all.



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