Monday, November 25, 2013


Stuck in Ecuador with no money!

Either today is international "Fuck you, Logan" day or the universe has mistaken me for my friend Jim Galford.

So, I discovered $1500 of transactions have taken place in Colombia while I've been here in Ecuador.

Naturally, I freaked the fuck out.

Since these were ATM withdraws it did cause me a moment of pause since I still have the card and wouldn't tell my own parents my PIN.

There is a number on the back of the card you can call.

Sadly, all they do is cancel your card and send you a new one.

Now, we switch to what I call the Jim Galford format as the universe seems to think I am him and is trying to smite me with the 'Dildo of Inequity'.

Logan:  "Can you mail the card anywhere?"
CS:  "Yes."
Logan:  "I'm in Ecuador."
CS:  "Shouldn't be a problem."

Note that I've been told previously that it is not possible to send my card to anywhere outside of the USA but I was grasping at straws.

The 'shouldn't be a problem' turned into a 'maybe' then a 'we'll see what they say' as the conversation continued.  I didn't feel I was talking to a rocket scientist and got put on hold for a couple twenty minute swatches of time so they could talk to their supervisor.

Logan:  "I'm going to need money to live on until my new card arrives."
CS:  "How long will you need to get to an ATM?"
Logan:  "If you can wait until after tomorrow to cancel it, I can go to a bank tomorrow and have money to live on until my card arrives."
CS:  "Sorry, we're going to need to cancel it tonight."
Logan:  "Two hours?"
CS:  "Half an hour."

If there is one thing I've learned from my as of yet unresolved $400 rip off that took place in Panama (five working days my ass) it is best to use machines inside of the bank.  They are less likely to fuck you up the ass.  Now, I'm forced to use street machines.

Well, this is a nice town.  I'm hoping they don't make the journey up the ole 'chocolate whizway'.

First ATM:  No money for you, gringo.
Second ATM:  No money for you, gringo.
Third ATM:  No money for anyone.  I am broke.
Fourth ATM:  Sorry, you've already hit your maximum withdraw amount!

Note, when I got that message back in Colombia, that meant that another ATM had claimed to have given me money and lied.

Seeing this message did not put me in a fucking chipper mood.

The only good thing was that when I told the hostel owner of my woes and said I might have to push back the day I'd pay him on he merely said "I'm not worried about you."

Fortunately, I have money on skype from the distant past when someone last used the donate button on my paypal so tomorrow I'm going to call up the bank and start whining.

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