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I was looking in to seeing if I wanted to publish short articles.

First, you have to find some publication (on line or in periodicals) that publishes what you want.

Second, you have to read up on their guidelines.  For each place, you are looking at half an hour to an hour to slog through all of this shit.

Third, you have to submit a proposal which fits into their guidelines.  A problem here is they want 'reputable sources'.  For me, this is rather a sticking point as I consider myself a 'reputable source' on travel - more so than some of the articles I've seen which seem very 'I traveled just in Western Europe'.  Apparently, I'm not a reputable source enough for them.

Fourth, they have to consider whether they want this article.  Understandably, this could take weeks to figure out.  I'm OK with that - it would be 'in the pipeline' and I understand they get a lot more articles than they can use.

Fifth, you have to write the article.

Sixth, they rewrite the article.  Yea, editors!

Seventh, you finally get paid.  Between $3 and $30 is pretty normal.  It makes me want to hit them with my cock.  You are going to pay me the cost of a meal for what ten hours of work or more and waiting weeks for the money?  Bam!



As a traveler, safety should always be your main concern.  Not only personal but gear safety.  Do you have a fake wallet with a little bit of cash ready for the first mugger to request it?  Has your pack been chained up in your room with a Pacsafe or is it ready to be rooted through by another traveler or member of the staff or burglar where you are staying?  Do you have a photocopy of your passport always on you with the original safely stored away, hidden or in a hard to get to security pouch?  Many countries have corrupt police officers who will demand your passport then threaten to tear it up unless bribed.  Regardless of the 'it's just clothing' attitude many travelers have, your gear is going to be expensive to replace or, in the case of official documents, a huge expenditure of time and money.


If living in a dorm or shared living space you have to make sure that all of your stuff is not spread out where it could be taken, trampled on or lost.  If your crap is everywhere, people hate you.

You will have a small bag of things you carry regularly.  This includes such things as a camera, toilet paper (a must), pens, book, hat, flashlight.  All of these things are essential and you will really feel stupid when you don't have them.  Especially toilet paper.


You will always be the weird foreigner who doesn't speak the language.  even Alexander Arguelles who speaks a couple dozen languages will find places he doesn't know the language.  If you are from the United States, you probably speak one or perhaps two languages.  If you are European, probably double that.  Still, it's not a lot of languages and presumably the language will be different in the area you've chosen to visit because it is so different from your country.

Even if you speak the language, you may not understand the slang nor the current 'pop culture' references from the country.  This makes you a bit of an outsider.

If you get together with two or more locals, chances are good they will speak in their native tongue rather than one you understand unless they are especially gracious.  Most aren't.  They claim it will be 'just a minute' and then you don't get in on the conversation for the next couple of hours as you stare into space.


Clothing:  You're going to have about four kilos of clothing for a male and a bottle of liquid soap.  For a female, you will have approximately twelve kilos of clothing, a twenty kilo make up kit and odds and ends weighing in at another twenty five kilos.  If you pack light.  This means you will probably be wearing the same clothing every five to seven days for a male and every month for a female.
Photo by permission from WTF Magazine.  View their great humor on Facebook here.

Even still, you're going to feel grungy most of the time.  Wearing clothing you've hand washed in a sink and put on still a bit damp is a constant joy.

New country, new foods, new bathroom problems.  Your ass will explode into a shower of goo in many new countries.


Most of the world wants to suck on the tourist tit.   Most countries have jacked up the prices ten fold or more for the foreigners who want to visit anything worth seeing.

Everyone has their hand out.  If a guy touches your luggage he'll be looking for a tip.  Unless he's run off with the luggage.

Then of course, you have actual beggars who will whine, grab you and sometimes try to pick your pockets.  Including Gypsies.  Especially Gypsies.  Beware of Gypsies.


Even with all of the crap you go through, it's worth it.  It is not just getting to see new sites, experience different cultures and eat interesting food - though sometimes with tragic results - but it opens doors in your mind you did not know where there.  And it gives you a unique life.  (Yes, I'm trying to encourage more of you to travel.  It's worth it.)


The cast:  Adam (owner of the hostel), Albert (guest at the hostel) and Logan.

Adam had been swearing a bit after his role model (some famous chef who likes to swear while cooking) and showing Logan how to not destroy his kitchen.

Albert mentioned he was going with a girl who was singing in a concert.

Logan:  "Remember, a real gentleman will always shag a lady in her dressing room if she asks."

Albert:  "It's not like that.  Besides, she has a boyfriend."

Logan:  "If you're nice, you can fuck him too!"

Albert:  "Oh, Logan!"

Albert then asked who would be interested in drinking vodka at the hostel tonight.  Adam agreed.  As Logan popped his first of three liters of beer he said "Of course I'm in."

Typical scenes from hostel life.


Making Of.  When most people see a modeling shoot, they will watch politely.  When Logan sees a modeling shoot, he makes a 'making of' video!

TIU (This is Ukraine!)  The difference between Ukraine and South America isn't cost...

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