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Saw a couple hundred people marching near the cathedral in Odessa chanting "Stand up Odessa".   This was the first time (19/2/14) I'd seen any kind of protest here.  I mentioned it to the owner of the hostel.  He told me (paraphrased) "Odessa is all about money.  They'll protest unless it interferes with the money."

One of these days I hope to catch a daytime protest on camera so I can put it in the blog.  This one was pretty simple though.  Just a lot of people marching on the sidewalk.  Not even any signs.


There were long lines at the ATM's.  I managed to get a bit of money out but not nearly as much as I wanted.  None of the ATM's that didn't work charged my card unlike South America.

So, I got a little money.

It was a lot like being back in the good ole USSR.  Lots of people standing in lines.  Sometimes you got something, often you didn't.  But you stood in line for a long time because it was your only shot.

For those who want to snidely say "How would you know?  Have YOU ever been in the USSR?"  Yes.  Yes I have.  Shut up and sit down.

Also today they closed down the borders to any of the 'western' countries.  I'm not sure what that means but apparently if I want to go to Russia I still can.  I've been told that (but not bothered to confirm) airplanes, buses and trains have all been shut down.   This doesn't worry me over much because I'm already where I want to be for a bit.

It may be a matter of time before the internet is brought down to try to keep the rebels from using it to organize.  This will irritate me because I then won't be able to read clever things from my friends and play Minecraft.

Fortunately, I already have several movies downloaded.  I'd also have Jim Galford's book if he'd hurry up and get it in an audio format for me.  Lazy lemur.

So, I may be trapped in Ukraine for a bit.  Ironically, I chose to come here so that's OK for awhile.  If my visa was almost up I'd be more worried.

For those who want to say "I'll pray for you" how about instead donate $10 or $20 to my paypal?  It'll help out later.  The paypal e-mail address is  Praying is just like 'raising awareness' - nothing happens.  If I get a few grand in donations something WILL happen.  What will happen?  See monetary goals below.

For those who want to say "Be safe" I would only respond "If I wanted to 'be safe' I certainly would not have come to Ukraine during a revolution.


The owner of the hostel cautioned me not to go anywhere near the opera house.  That's where the government buildings are and it has been rumored there would be a protest there.  Also, the government might have 'hired goons' there to bust it up.

He smiled when he told me this because he knew I'd immediately head to the opera house.

So...I headed down to the opera house...

Yes.  Really.  Most people are so concerned with 'safety' that their lives are as bland as Wonder Bread.

The same people who continuously whine how bored they are never live a life with any risk.

The only stops I made were at various empty ATM's along the way to attempt to get money.   Eventually, I found a couple that were giving it out only 1000 grivna (about 100 euro) at a time so I got hold of some money.  I wanted to pay for March in the hostel and have a couple weeks of extra money.

Large groups of rough angry looking men with clubs absolutely failed to lurk around the opera house.
Absolutely nothing like this was happening at all in Odessa.

Pretty much the only change going on today was there were approximately twenty or thirty percent less people on the streets.  Compared to the 'bhans' (strikes) in Nepal, this was really disappointing.

It was so mellow, I went and got a shave and a haircut.

At least on some intellectual level, people have begun to realize that news reported in the USA may be a ...tad bit inaccurate.
So they rely on me for the news.  Not sure if that's much better but at least I'm not interested to lie to sell more copies of this blog.  Especially since the blog is only funded by your generous donations.  (If you've never donated but would like to, use paypal and donate to  If you have donated before thank you very much.  If you haven't donated and don't plan on it, then  you are KILLING BABY JEBEBUS AND YOU ARE HELPING CANCER.  You don't want to kill babies with cancer do you?  No.  So donate to the blog.)


Donation amount total, what will probably be done with the money

<$3000  Vodka.

>$3000  I will go to Scotland and Ireland.  There I will start a new game I thought of in the hostel called "What's the Irishman saying?"  We will try to find an Irishman to say five different sentences.  You get one point per word in the sentence you get right.  You can play this at home!  It could become a new game show.


For those thinking "Well, Logan is making rather light of the situation with those poor Ukrainians who are getting killed fighting for freedom..."

Well, perhaps.


How many people have read up on, viewed videos and perhaps even started to care about the situation here who might not have before due to putting a darkly humorous slant upon things?


From the notorious Felbrig:
For the slow of brain, this was Photoshop.  In the midst of such devastation, violence and tragedy as the riots of Ukraine I would not be smiling and drinking beer.  It would be vodka and probably straight from the bottle.


From Tim VT:

"Before Logan Horsford was a buddhist he was the founder of Faith Healing. In his first year of faith healing he saved two lives out of seventy four with just the power of faith. It was a miracle the man is a saint. With out Logan I would not have found my true calling. Thanks Logan After being bitten thirty seven times and only losing my right hand and three fingers from my left hand I am still the head snake dancer at my local church. God is still protecting me from the devils venom."

From Carolyn N:

"Because what's an ice cream sundae without all the nuts?

Or if the rest of the blog made you cry and you need a laugh to balance things out:


Four packages of premium cigarettes (Camel lights for those wondering what kind), 50 grivna (about 5 euros).

Bottle of vodka, the biggest size I could find (naturally), about 70-80 grivna.  You can get cheaper, this is for the one we dislike least.

Single serving of Chicken Caesar salad from the deli counter, about 20-25 grivna.  Cheap meal, may be healthy.

Staying in a hostel during the off season, private room, about $12 per night if you pay for a month or so.

Shave and a haircut with the electric clippers, 60-70 grivna, less if you're a local.

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