Monday, August 24, 2015



While in Warsaw, went out with Pawel to do some drinking.

The evening started out fine.  We went to a friend of his bar and did a couple flavored shots and had some mixed drinks.  Everything was going fine until Pawel announced we should go to his which he would be closing down in a couple hours.

Then it all went to shit.

Normally, Pawel's friends aren't allowed to hang out behind the bar.  Even after this night, he said I was welcomed back there as I increased business.

Unfortunately, my charm worked against me.  People wanted to do shots with me.  I was invited to various tables but didn't go.  I think I was asked to join a secret society.  More shots with customers.  Fucking tequila?  Shit.

I fell asleep sitting behind the bar.

Pawel woke me up while he was closing down the place.  He woke me up when the place was getting closed down.  Put into a taxi.  Stopped at a gas station to take a shit.  Drunk like every bad movie you've seen.  Got put to bed eventually.

Felt like the guy would after a night like this. that I watch the video again, probably not actually.

I've not been this drunk in decades.  I was too drunk to smoke.  Hollywood drunk.  Not good.

Next day felt a little under the weather but not too bad.  Was OK with going out and doing stuff.  My host thought I would "dying till after midnight" but I was up a couple hours before him.  He was impressed.

The night did fulfill the "Live and Staggering" title.

We later went to their summer cabin for a couple days.  Despite my buddy Pawel getting sick as a dog and being in bed for nearly all of it, we had a great time.

I wanted to thank Pawel and Ola - the consummate hosts.



This is is useful webpage if you must deal with the dread Wizzair.

(Cancellation fee would equal the fare itself - a rather high cancellation fee.  Plus they may charge me for the 'call center fee'.  Hence, I would actually owe them ten euro to call and cancel my flight.)

Never book a plane ticket before finding out the exact prices of accommodation.  What someone else calls a 'good deal', you might consider pretty rotten.


In Poland, they have something called 'Milky Bars'.

Sadly, there are none like this.

They are a Polish institution and have been around for years.  When fancy developers try to close them to use the property for something more profitable, the locals freak the hell out.  So, they don't.

Essentially, they are cafeterias where you can get some cheap solid meals.  Even poor people get vouchers to eat there for free.  In the USA, we don't do this because 'fuck poor people'.  Everyone in the USA has a feeling that deep down, if the poor person wanted they could become 'not poor'.

And that's working out super for us.

Anyway, the 'milky bar' gives you a solid meal for under $3.

For prices in USD, at the time of this writing, divide by four.

I asked, 'What keeps everyone from just eating at those instead of restaurants?'  A few different factors - perceived social status, selection, taste.  Right across the street from one of the ones we visited was a full restaurant.

If you'd like to read more on this interesting staple of Polish life, here is a wiki article.

Logan's final analysis - go to at least one or two but bring someone who speaks Polish because nobody will speak anything but there.


Dinner for three, nice upscale restaurant, Warsaw, 150 zloties.
Lunch for two, Prague, 440 crowns including tip.

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