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When interacting with the locals, diplomacy is key.


Visiting Poland makes me anxious to go back.  Now that I know of 'Milky Bars' I know it is always possible to eat cheaply there, thus making it affordable.  And the people - super friendly.  Want to go back.

Went to Prague to meet up with Levan, his new wife Alena (spelling?) and his new son, Sebastian.  Who I am flipping off in the picture above.  With his dad on camera.

Hello nice people who get little sleep (note the stroller)!

I got to hang out a bunch with Levan.  We tried to do some gaming with his group but the store was closed that day to non-Magic The Gathering players (some 'Grand Prix Tournament') so instead we attempted to reenact the 'Trail of Tears' by wandering through Prague.

Fortunately, there were beer stops, just like the original trail of tears.  Or they had 'bear stops'.  I'm not really sure.  I don't think either party had as much fun as was hoped.

Anyway, Prague is a fairly hip, fairly expensive city.  Pictures don't give the full impact.  For normal (as opposed to Loganesque or long term) tourists, I recommend it.  Go and explore.  It is beautiful - European to the core.  Not difficult to travel or navigate.

While in Prague, I got to visit with Jana and her brother Jan.  Yes, their parents had some sort of strategy naming them.

This is a picture of Jana with a stroller because Logan is a dick.

Everyone seems to be doing well.  Levan and Jana even came to see me off.  I thought that was sweet of them.  Also, it seems that in this part of the world, the bus you booked may not be the one that arrives.  Check it out closely.

Damned comfortable bus.


Holgar was waiting for me where the DB (Deutsches Bahn) bus was suppose to go, but didn't.  Fortunately, they'd left their wifi on and we coordinated.

This is Holgar.  If this were not an inanimate picture of Holgar and indeed was the real person, he would say 'hi'.  Since you are looking at a picture, don't expect a lot.

Well, fuck you too, Harry Potter...

Enough already!

So far in hanging out with Holgar, I've discovered that a large number of Germans like to go down to the river to hang out or swim.  It's a stone beach with no chairs so not really my thing though I'm grateful to have gotten a glimpse into what locals here do.

Also, I'd like to state that Europeans seem to have absolutely no qualms about walking a kilometer or three to get somewhere.  This may be alarming to Americans who drive their garbage to the curb.


I've encountered my first hitch in the 'Live and Staggering' tour thus far.  The guy I was suppose to stay with Sept 7 to Sept 10 is unable to host now.

We'll see if I can find someone else who wants me over.


When you are describing the USA to someone and say something outrageous, you have proof at hand to back it up.

In the USA, you don't eat until you are full - you eat until you hate yourself.


Charles Sheffield - "My Brother's Keeper"

An interesting book with the worst ending ever.   This counts as science fiction, mostly due to the complexities of the human brain or the incompetence of modern doctors.

It's a twisting story that takes place on earth in the 'not too distant future'.  The part that frustrated me most is it feels like it should be part of a series.


"Your Fathers, Where Are They?  And The Prophets, Do They Live Forever?" by Dave Eggers

This audio book is in the 'what the fuck did I just listen to' category.  Normally, I'd have stopped it long ago but some mysterious force sucked me in and literally compelled me to watch the whole slow motion car wreck.

Saying anything about what it is would be a spoiler so I'll just go with 'consider it a weird radio drama'.


Tuskers (Volume 1) by Duncan McGeary

Pig apocalypse.  Yes, really.

It was interesting enough to keep me along for the ride but yet another 'wtf did I just read' book.

Since it is volume 1, I'm guessing eventually another volume will come out.  I'd read it but I'm not going through great lengths to get it.



From the Uprising Museum in Warsaw, Poland a neat exhibit they have.

Because it is cheap (for movie makers) and picturesque, Prague has a lot of movies made in it.  Here, you get to watch background extras go round and round.

COSTS (Prague)

Bus, Prague to Munich, 4-5 hr trip, 750 CZK
Two coffees, two terribly dry blueberry cheese cakes that taste of sadness, 215 CZK
Beer, 25-40 CZK
Food, cheap, 100-200 CZK (go for the lunch specials, they are usually closer to 100 CZK)
Public travel for half hour, 24 CZK

COSTS (Munich)

Day pass for transport, 6 EUR
Beer from grocery store, 1 EUR
Sandwich and bottle of water from stand up eatery, 6 EUR (note, near Marien Platz)

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