Sunday, January 23, 2011

How many days left for God's sake?

Typical 'Warning - Monster Activity' sign in both Australia and New Zealand. You have to be careful of monsters in those countries as they are extremely poisonous.


Well, this is my first - and hopefully only blog entry from the hospital. It's hard to type with the pulse thing on my finger but I think if I took it off, all hell would break loose.

My blood pressure had been very elevated for the last three days. I called the VA and told them about it and they said to get to the hospital. So here I am. With an oxygen tube up my nose. Im addition to the various people looking after me in the emergency room there is a retired military guy. I think he's going to look after me.

God, I should have eaten before I got here.

Update: Being a pain in the ass, plotting & scheming and being transferred from the emergency room to the normal rooms has resulted in me getting a couple sandwiches. Well, if you want to be exact, it was six sandwich halves so three sandwiches. Not the worst hospital food I've ever had but not as good as the Mexican food less than a block away. I had stopped threatening to walk over there because I figured it was closed. Otherwise, I'd have kept it up. Fat people will be fed!

Anyway, I am writing this from the second floor of the hospital (Montgomery Regional Hospital - Blacksburg, VA. This is apparently the place to be sick. Every room is a private room. Every room has a flat screen TV. And four chairs. I said that middle class Caucasians just don't have the strong family ties to fill those chairs but you still get four. I guess that is to make up for the Filipino family that has people lined up in the hallway. I am willing to lend them my chairs!

With the exception of an off handed remark I had put up on the HC boards, nobody knows I am here. Stealth hospitalization!

Update - Richard gave me a Skype and I talked to TJ via skype. My gods the internal microphone is absolute shit on these. Fortunately, Bert said that after he digs through a box that he would get me a mic that used a USB and had it's own sound device built in. I might be able to convince border guards that I am part of a TV show with all of the electronics I have.

More hospital related insanity later - going to try to get some shut eye.

I'm awake. I've been thinking about the potential for a comedy skit about a hospital getting paid extra to test the effects of sleep deprivation and stress on it's patients. They would make it appear to be completely innocent but it could be pure evil.

Scene: Guy pushing a cart down a hallway. Another guy says "Hold up, Stibbons!" He carefully adjusts one of the wheels. The wheel, now rattling and squeeking is the center of a camera close pan.

Scene: Nurses station. The monitors set up for a patient are actually to monitor his sleep. One guy has fallen into a deep sleep and is danger of getting some rest. The nurse grabs and clipboard, goes into his room and wakes the patient with "We just had a couple questions about your insurance, Mr. Peabody."

I'm thinking "Python-esque" would work.

Anyway, it's now morning and I'm waiting for doctors, nurses or someone to come and talk to me about whatever. I can hear them at the door. "Add some more clink to those glasses, nurse!"

Looks like they're going to take me for a heart stress test.

Watch this space for 'what happened next!'


  1. On the positive side, accessing the internet (with blogging and skype) while roaming works!



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