Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lets track down Michael Palin


[BTW - If you think this is 'safe for work' you are wrong, wrong, wrong.]


Most spoken languages in the world - interesting. I can communicate (abet badly) in #3 and #10 and have downloaded #2 and #4 (and French which didn't make the list) for later perusal. I don't think I'll get very good at any of them but if I can make myself understood - and maybe understand someone else) eventually. I'm still working on forcing German into my brain. It goes slowly. [Disclaimer: Germany is one of the places I would live at (at least when it is not cold) if I had the cash. I've always liked it and the people there.]


I've been watching Run Lola Run (auf deutsch but with subtitles). It has the same hot girl from The Bourne Identity in it. It's a weird ass movie that seems to involve her running everywhere because she had her moped stolen buying smokes. So, I guess you can smoke then go run like six miles. At least in the movies. The beginning of the plot of the movie is that the main girl (Lola) has a dumbass boyfriend who loses a bunch of money he was suppose to be delivering to some gangster types. It's one of those 'interconnected story' type of things. The girl seems to have a super power where if she screams in frustration, glass breaks. After twenty minutes of the film, I think the best thing about it is a) Franka Potente (who you get to see running a lot and with bright red hair) b) hopefully it's helping me with my German. Other than that, it's meh. It's a very weird movie with frequent bouts of animation thrown in for some reason. I don't recommend watching it unless you need to build your German language skills. Or want to see a bizarre movie. I remember reading on the site I got the title from that it was one of the student's favorite German movies for learning the language from. If that was one of their favorite movies, I know why the USA is in the lead with the whole movie industry thing.


I was doing some studying on foreign voltage and such. I checked out this webpage and found that my products had the potential to be dual voltage. After closely examining the cords for my netbook and kindle, they both turned out to be dual voltage. Happy dance. That should mean that the converter I already have should work fine. Now, that doesn't mean that it won't cause it to blow up when I get there, but I am able to harbor under the happy delusion that I don't need to spend an extra $60 right now.


For entertainment, I was thinking about taking one of my one terabyte hard drives packed with movies. A TB of movies is enough to keep me entertained for quite awhile. The plan has several downsides. I would need to keep the HD in a box well wrapped to keep it from getting jostled around. Bert told me hard drives don't like jostling. I would also need to take my external hard drive enclosure. Which needs electricity. As the power converters and such are really heavy (for my weak ass) I could only have either the laptop OR the enclosure plugged in at one time. I'm not sure if it makes sense to carry it. The pack is already pretty damned heavy. I know that the new netbook is only suppose to weigh a couple pounds but it feels like more - especially with the cords and all. So, I'm pondering that. I suppose that if I didn't have the movies to watch, my blog would get even more verbose. I'm not sure if that's a good thing.


Apparently, he lives in London, England. As opposed to London, Canada. Not sure if he wants me to drop in though. In addition to the wonderful Monty Python stuff I've been watching his numerous travelog's. My God, he's been everywhere. It is interesting that despite his extensive travels, the thing he will always be best known for is Monty Python. I'm not sure how he feels about that. Think about it - you did a TV show for three years thirty-seven years ago and that's still what you are best known for. Kind of weird.

Top secret cover sheet

Ah, the memories. (I know sticklers will point out the last picture is actually from Vietnam, but I say this.)


I was looking at some websites that give expat information. I'm going to wander around and see what I like before making any decisions but gathering information never hurts. It seems that it is possible to expat to the Czech Republic. [The Czech reaction.] You just have to start with a short extension on staying there then build up. If I decide I must live there for a long time, I'll look into it but I don't have the money to hire Jana to be a permanent translator and the alternative would be having to learn Czech. Plus, they have winters there. Not thrilled about winters.

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