Sunday, May 1, 2011



It was raining some today. After making sure to leave my umbrella buried in my backpack where it can stay nice and dry, I went out. I decided that it should be a museum day. Since today is a Sunday and a holiday (May Day), most things would be closed. Since the Jewish holy day is a Saturday, I figured they might be open.

They were. They open at 10 AM, 1300 HUF.

The Holocaust Museum had everything translated into English. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything due to the language barrier.

This place had a metal detector and a really perfunctory bag search. I'm betting it gets more stringent if you have a swastika tattooed on your forehead. Or one of the 'spike' European hairstyles.

But I didn't feel that the Holocaust Museum was worth going to.

When I go a museum, I want artifacts. I want to see actual physical stuff. The Holocaust Museum was another one of those 'watch the video and read a shitload of text' museums. Fuck that - make a two hour film. Or, better still watch "The Diary of Anne Frank" or Schindler's List, feel bad and done. You can have more bathroom breaks, more chairs, etc. Pre-internet, yes, I could see a purpose in those sorts of museums. Post-internet? No point.

Also, another interesting thing. To me, which way to go wasn't really obvious. So, I ended up wandering around their back rooms, synagogue etc. I guess they don't get a lot of Americans here or they'd have big arrows on the floor with flashing lights to tell you which way to go next. Maybe a bar of chocolate that pops out of the wall and waggles till you approach it then snaps back in with a door sealing behind you. My god, I have perhaps just invented an American trapping device! I hope no evil people read this blog and implement it! We'd be screwed!

After some lukewarm Chinese food from another working man's place (with drink like 600 HUF) I decided to grab a beer and see if anyone was around at Cheers (only Rita was) then head back to the hostel for awhile. I'm sure it will be extremely irritating to some people who get really excited about Budapest (Christina - I'm looking at you!) will be mad that I'm sitting around the hostel today. Mostly.


In the hostel I am staying in ("Colors") there were a couple Hungarian guys. I remember saying 'Hi' to one who was sitting at the guest computer. I asked what language he spoke and the conversation kind of ground to a halt when he replied shortly 'Hungarian'. So, he and his buddy seemed to work here. They puttered around and then left. The guy who is on the desk shift later came back from dealing with something in the other room and after a bit announced some money was missing from the cash till which it seems he may have left unlocked. Or, the bad guys had a key. I'm not sure. He wasn't worried about me or the other guy from New York who was loitering in the guest area doing it - he believes the Hungarian guys did. He also thought they worked here. He isn't too worried, they have a camera that watches the till area. Zoltan also told me this is his second day on the job. Hell of a way to start! I'm not too worried as I literally haven't left my seat and gone in that direction. The smoking area in in the opposite direction. So, I urge the hotel clerk to call the police. I believe he was intending to anyway but he is a bit hesitant as he hasn't dealt with them before. About an hour later three police show up. They get his statement and bugger off. These cops apparently have to contact detectives and so on. It will take time. To me this is a reminder to be 'constantly vigilant!' and lock your shit up! Hell, even when I was drinking last night with my new Polish friends I kept my shit locked up.

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