Sunday, May 1, 2011



Saying goodbye to the Cheer's crowd. The big guy next to me in back is named 'Atilla'. I'm not kidding. A big name for a big man I told him...


I've noticed a couple different types of people that stare at me in the streets. I respond to both types with a bland smile and perhaps saying 'servious'.

One type is very angry darker skinned folks. I've only seen a couple of them. They look very, very angry. I suspect they are the 'gypsies' (Roma) and they don't seem to be doing well financially. I can understand the anger.

The other type is miscellaneous Hungarians. Some smile and nod when I try my shitty Hungarian (Magyar) on them, others find somewhere else to look. I believe they are thinking "How did someone so big get so far from a buffet?"


I had decent Turkish food (moussaka) with a soda, a piece of pita bread and the worst two falafels I have ever eaten. The first one was so bad that I had to eat the second. Cost, 1500 HUF.

Later for 190 HUF I tried a coco piece of baklava. I didn't like it.


Here's how it works - they have big steamer trays of food that is not heated. They call this a 'buffet' - but it isn't - at least not in the American sense. So don't get all worked up. Anyway, after you pick out what you want to eat, they microwave it.

Now, here is the rub: You never get it hot. At best, it is always lukewarm. I am thinking there are several possible reasons:

a) Hungarians think hot food is bad for you, the same way that Germans believe ice is unhealthy. [I thought this was a good reason but Zsolt who works at the hostel told me it isn't true.]

b) The people microwaving the food don't really give a fuck if it's hot or not.

c) They want you to be able to quickly scarf it down and get the fuck out of their establishment as seating is usually limited.

d) They want to get you your food faster so they can actually call it 'fast food'.


Something interesting I found out from Sam (at Cheers) regarding the theft (see last blog):

Up to 20,000 HUF is punishable by a fine. Over 20,000 HUF is jail time and such.


No = "Nem"
Yes = "Egan"
Bye = "See ya" (informal)
Hi = "Salute" or "See ya" (both informal but formal is way to hard to say)


After talking to Chris
about Bosnia, I feel much better about my earlier choice. It sounds like it will be very different - and easy to navigate around in.

We'll take a look at it tomorrow and I'll let you know how it goes then. For now, I am off to party with my Polish friends.

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