Sunday, May 8, 2011

More photos are up...


I am going to be headed from Sarajevo (Bosnia) to Belgrade (Serbia) and from there to Romania.

Right now, I've got people in four cities in Romania willing to host me - Orastie, Cluj Napoca, Reghin and Brasov. I'm not sure which ones I'm going to be able to hit - I'm going to check on transportation once I get to Belgrade and see where I can get to. It's looking like I could probably get from Belgrade to Timisoara (Romania) as Timisoara is a transportation hub for Romania.

The loose plan is to make my way to Moldova.

If you're wanting to meet up, and you live where I'm going to be, let me know.


The cheapest mail in Sarajevo is a 'hamburger'. Note, it is not a hamburer as people in the USA might think of it. It starts off with some sort of big bread. The guy then artistically put on a very small piece of lettuce that covvers say one eighth of the surface area of the burger. He then scoops on some shredded lettuce. No, I have no idea why the first piece of lettuce went on there. then, he slices off three small pieces of tomato and puts a wafer thin piece of meat. Mayo and catchup. Then, french fries are added on top. The whole thing is then compressed and put into a greasy bag. Cost is 2.5 BAM. Avoid it unless you have a very strong stomach. Mine stomach had a lot of weird noises coming from it. I was worried I'd be in for fun later but I seemed to have avoided that. Aside from that, it is the cheapest meal you can get for just over a dollar.


Nothing better than trying to speak German after you've had a few shots of rum. I'm sure that people who havve heard me speak German might say "Well, it couldn't hurt!"


Sundays here (as in most of Europe) seem to suck. Many of the local stores are closed. If you stay in the tourist areas, stuff is still open but that's about it.

I'd recommend to anyone wanting to travel cheaply in Europe to try to arrive on Sunday. Use that day to get settled in and de-stress from your travel time. Then, you have several days to see the sites and such during the week day. You can probably leave FRI or SAT - many (not all) hostels jack their rates then.


  1. Cheers, Logan! This is Pedro from Portugal, we met in Sarajevo. Only got internet access now, that's why I didn't reply earlier. I just checked that your going to Belgrade- smart choice. The serbs are crazy bohemian party animals and the night is great. We went to some pubs but I only remeber El Che and Blowup... Try to find also the oldest club in the balkans-again i dont remember the name but any guidebook or serb will know it. Life is a little bit more expensive than Bosnia but you can still find cool cheap places. The food is basically the same... If you are into the city history and such, there's a free tour every day at 12am starting at the republic square. But you'll find out that no one wants to discuss the bosnian war and the Kosovo situation... We've been to Kotor (nice but pretty touristic, the street market is worth it though) and Budva (beach+pubs). Right now we're in Pristina, Kosovo. We'll see what happens. Have a nice journey!

  2. Sounds good sir. I'm working on headed east toward Romania. Belgrade is on the way, cheap to get to and I'm hoping I can find inexpensive rail travel into Romania toward there.

    How is Kosovo?

    BTW- Facebook me if you haven't already sir!



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