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Years ago when I lived in Germany, it was pretty much all Germans.  Berlin seems extremely racially diverse.  I hope it's amazing and wonderful for them.  Me, I don't really care where people live so long as they can sell me tasty food and such.

As in many countries, the number for emergencies is 112.  Personally, I think the UK has it right with 999.  A good number to hit while you're panicking.

My overall thought on Berlin, "Nice place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit there."  Too manicured and perfect.  Give me rubble and old bullet holes any day.

As I was leaving Berlin, seven taxi drivers at the airport were attempting to get a Frisbee down from a tree.  After five minutes they succeeded.  Two inexpert throws later and the Frisbee was lodged in the only other tree in the area.


I'd wanted to  avoid flying and go by train.  Not only does it cost more, but everything is booked up.  Screw buying the couple month pass for a lot of money if you can't even get on the train!


Back to palm trees in this sun bleached land.  After messing around with the bus and eventually sucking it up and paying for a cab, I found that the hostel I'd read so much about was 'all out of the cheap rooms'.  Strike one.  Then, I find out that tappes isn't served free with beer in Malaga.  Decided immediately to leave Malaga after only one night in this expensive tourist town.

Decided to go to Grenada which I'd heard about  from a fellow tourist quite some time ago.  We'll see if it lives up to the stories.


It is killing me to try to dredge up all of my old Spanish speaking skills.  On top of that, I am trying to default to Georgian.  Not a clue why - there are no similarities between the languages.  It's going to take some time to acclimate.


After going through the pain of saving money for seven plus months, I've found that I am more loathe to piss it away.  I'm still pissing it away - I'm just more loathe about it.


My current gear continues it's rapid disintegration.  My 'goes with me everywhere' bag has been decomposing very quickly.  It's held together with paper and safety pins.  It's amazing how fast things fall apart when you travel.  Even my backpack has started to look pretty rough.  At least now I know what kind to get.


For those keeping track it is down to 13.5 KG.   This is good because my belly is still up ten or more kilos.


It's looking like my good buddy Matt may be joining me in Spain for a weekend.  Long time readers of the blog will remember him as the meat cleaver wielding 'Sato Boot' (white ghost) from Nepal.   I'm hoping that this visit we won't be trying to bury a hooker out in the desert.


Although I always find Quinton's 'ultra-violence' great fun, this movie seemed to drag on forever.  I'd have been happier for the best fifteen minutes and the rest cut.  I've got nothing against character development provided it is done in an interesting manner.  This wasn't.


"Logan puts the 'ass' into 'ambassador'."
"Logan is an 'evil Buddah'."


Weird off brand 8 pack of triple A batteries, 1.50 EUR
Energizer 8 pack of triple A batteries, 3 EUR
New, hopefully better MP3 player upgrade, +25 EUR.  It got expensive quick.
Full city public transport ticket, all zones, 7 EUR
Lovely steak dinner with baked potato, 17 EUR
Pack of smokes, 5 EUR

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