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Pondering what to do in Spain.  I've been wandering around Granada for several hours.  It's OK but not great.

After traipsing around for four or five hours working on breaking in my new shoes, I'm doing the Spanish custom of 'siesta' and hanging out on the computer doing research for a few hours trying to figure out what is next.

I'm wondering why people always refer to Spain as 'cheap'.  It's close to the same price as Berlin.  It's true that Berlin is cheaper than some cities in Europe (like Munich) but it's not 'cheap'.

Perhaps my barometer of what is 'cheap' and what isn't is a bit skewed.

So, I did some more research on the region of Spain I find myself in and have found that the only cities that are within my price range - and moderately interesting - are Granada -> Cordoba -> Seville -> Cadiz.  I'm going to do some more poking around and see if I can figure out what seems interesting for me here.  Honestly, it is OK but I feel like either I haven't yet found 'the good stuff' or I've been spoiled by already having been to lots more exotic places and this just isn't floating my boat.

After that, if I wanted to I could spend about 30-40 euro to get a boat into Morocco.

After some fairly exhaustive research into Morocco, however, I've only found two (yes two) cities which are actually affordable in terms of accommodation.   For those interested, the cities are Fez (AKA Fes - no, I don't know why) and Marrakech, which seems freakishly cheap compared to the rest of Morocco.  Again, no clue why.

So, this brings me to 'how bad do I really want to see Morocco'?  Due to the political situation in Algeria (screwed up) it's kind of on it's own.  I couldn't go to say Tunisia from there to slaughter Jawas.

Note if I had $100 per day to spend (or better still 100 EUR as the dollar isn't worth crap these days) then doubtless my options would drastically open up but I have less than half of that.

And, from what I've talked to other travelers about it seems that the Central and South American countries have gotten all modern - hence expensive.  Extensive research will be needed for those as well to see what is possible.


Four tapas (including approximately 300 ml of beer), 6.80 EUR.  Would recommend the tapas at "El Tabernaclo."  Note that you get better tapas if you sit at the bar and chat with the cook.  In some establishments, it is also cheaper if you are sitting at the bar.


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