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While their prices show them as cheaper on line, they delight in finding ways to fuck you once you actually get to the airport and have no escape.  Didn't check in?  Didn't print your boarding pass?  Fuck you, pay 70 EUR.  Don't want to pay?  Can't fly.

The really sad thing is that I'd already booked another Ryan Air flight before finding out about their 'fun and games'.  After I get out of western Europe I'll be free of them - but probably not their spam.


Fridays are pretty dead in Marikesh.  This is the day most shop keepers take off.  No clue why but they do.

Finding breakfast other than 'bread' is pretty much impossible.  To make matters worse, most of the decent meals aren't cooked until after noon.  Hence, if you have a hostel that serves some sort of breakfast, I recommend eating it rather than striking out for food.


Was looking for bandannas in the market.

Logan: "What material is that?"
Seller:  "Cotton!"
Logan:  "Looks like polyester to me."
Seller:  "No!  It is cotton!"
Logan:  (Pulls out a lighter)  "You stand behind your wares?"
Seller:  (Dejected)  "No fire."

Polyester melts, cotton smolders.


While traveling with me, Conner has recorded several Logan quotes.  Here are a few:

"A lot of life is figuring out ways to justifying things to yourself."

"Travel (traveling skills) is just a lot of little shit."

"Why do all my fucking quotes have profanity in them?"

To the tourists:  "You know any good restaurants around here?"
Tourist:  "Yeah, there's one in the big bazaar."
Beggar:  "You want good restaurant?"
Logan:  "Nope."

"Because the tightrope is thin, fucking thin, you are only one bad day away from getting mugged, or shot, or having your corpse violated by a camel."

"They see us as poor, stupid or lost tourists...That's perfect!"

"You can always tell how old a woman is by if the dreams have died in her eyes."


"Logan has had to cultivate his humor just to counteract the amount of concentrated evil he has."

"What's mine is yours...And by that I mean 'don't touch my shit'."

"In the first five minutes of meeting Logan he referred to himself as a 'fat, evil bastard'.  Well, at least he isn't a liar...Oh - wait..."

"It's pretty much a constant state of Logan."


Disclaimers:  This is by no means a conclusive list nor is it necessarily correct.  I went through and drew my information from that.  Not until I get to the country can I find out what the 'real deal' is.  Also, you must remember that the listings there are only by the computer literate people.  Since I want internet all the time, that's generally what I go for.

Formatting:  I've listed the country name followed by the name of the cities.  The number after the cities is the price in USD.  If I could not find anything close to my price range, I put an X.  That doesn't mean there isn't anything, just that it's not listed on  Everything is a dorm room unless otherwise noted.  For the cost of a room, it generally seems to be a bit over twice that of a dorm.  Apparently, people are expected to travel in groups of two.

Note, if you feel I've missed something major and can find for sure the current price on the internet, let me know.  Or if I missed a major city of interesting stuff.  Note that I don't claim to yet know anything about central or south America.


Quito, 6-9
Ambato, X
Banos, 8
Cuenca, 9-10
Guayaquil, 10-11
Loja, X
Otavalo, 12 or 15 only
Ibarra, X
Riobamba, X





French Guiana



Bogota, 7-10
Cali, 10-11
Cartagena, 12-17
Cucuta, X
Manizales, 12 or 20, limited at best
Medellin, 8-11
Pereira, only 1 at 12
Popayan, 10-11
Santa Marta, 6-11


Lima, 6-8
Cusco, 7-9
Puno, 7-
Arequipa, 6-8
Ollan, 6-12
Manchu Picchu, 12-15
Nazca, 6-12
Mancora, 10-12
Huachina, 4-7
Huaraz, 6-9


Brasilia, X
Florianopolis, 12-13
Fortaleza, 10-13
Manaus, 8-12
Porto Alegre, 10-15
Recife, X
Rio De Janeiro, 8-12
Salvador (de Bahia?), 9-13
San Paulo, 13-14


Asuncion, 10
Bella Vista, X
Ciudad Del Este, X
Coronel Oviedo, 10-12 single room
Encaracion, 6, only one
San Bernadino, X


Santiago, 9-12
Concepcion, X
Iquique 12-15
La Serena, 17 or 20
Valparaiso, 12-14
Vina Del Mar, 12-15
Valdivia, 18-20
Punta Arenas, 16-17


Aguas Dulces, X
Colonea Del Something, 14-16
Jose Ignacio, X
La Paloma, 13 or 20
La Pedrera, X
Montevideo, 10-12
Punta Del Diablo, 15-20
Punta Del Este, 13-20


Buenos Aires, 8-9
Cordoba, 10-11
La Plata, 15-18
Mendoza, 10
Rosario, 11-12
Salta, 10
San Carlos de Something, X
San Juan,10-14
San Miguel De Something, X

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