Monday, September 26, 2011



Although I've personally had no issues at all with the hostel apart from the usual Egyptian 'what is this 'maintenance' you speak of?' thing, I've had zero problems at the hostel (Australian Hostel) I am at. Sadly, the other guests cannot say the same thing. A few of the guests who were staying for a few days got moved to a hostel they reported to be a 'shit hole' because a large tour group wanted to come in. From learning a bit about how hostelworld and such works, my guess is that they didn't adjust the number of beds they had available within hostel world as they wanted more money. The 'shit hole' hostel is owned by the same people. It features things like 'no running water' and 'broken beds' and pipes that drip water despite the hostel having no water. Not a nice place. When confronted with these things, the owner who had sent the person to this horrible place said that he would no longer help people to find another hostel when he needed to clear them out of this one for needed space of larger, more profitable groups. I'm not sure what effect he wanted this statement to have upon the person complaining but it really was less effective than apologizing or giving the person a free nights stay would have been.

Also, it has been related to me that one of the girls said that one of the owners of the hostel let himself into her room to kiss her good night - after she was already asleep. So, you must be on your guard.

If you decide to let them move you to a different hostel because hey, they want more money or are utterly incompetent at computers, be sure to check it out before you agree - and go find a different hostel. With all of the shit that goes on in Egypt, I honestly think that you should go find a second hostel even when you like the first one - just to cover these things.


Well, tomorrow at 3PM - well, lets face it, probably I'll be there plenty early - I should be standing in front of the Thai Embassy to see if I can get into their country with the extended visa. Either way though, I'd really like to get my passport back. Since I'll be checking out of the room in the morning, this should be my last post until I get ensconced somewhere in Bangkok. I'll keep everyone posted.


Cairo, Egypt: From Hostel balcony [by request from TJ!]

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