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As of 25 April 2011, in order of the most hits on the blog here are the top ten countries reading this: United States, New Zealand, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands. The statistics tracker only keeps track of the top ten countries for the day, week, month or all time. Overall, this blog has seen hits from every continent aside from Antarctica and Africa. It averages about a hundred hits or more a day and the readership is on the increase. I have no idea why but I'm glad people are enjoying it.


As we have readers from literally all over the world that read this, please feel free to contact me either via facebook or in the comments section if you see that I am coming to your country. I'd be grateful for information or if you want to meet up for a drink or whatever.


Apparently microwave ovens are not in fashion here. I don't get it. The microwave oven can replace virtually every other piece of equipment in the house, yet Jana and her friends don't seem to have one. What the fuck? Really?

In addition, I'm told that the toilet and sink are usually not in the same room. This does make it harder to wash your hands.


Tomorrow, really early in the morning, I'm off for Budapest. It may be a bit before I can put up my next blog post depending on what I find there.

I was looking back to see what information I had on Hungary and it is fucking sparse.

Aside from warnings on the US State Department page and from travel wiki I didn't really find a lot. If the information is still current, it might be rougher than the Czech Republic. Hell, the Czech Republic feels to me to be one of the safer nations I've been in. Cops are everywhere.

I've still got to get to a dentist for my tooth and a doctor to see about getting renewals for my prescriptions. Possibly business cards. We'll see if it is really as cheap as I've been told.

I've still got two months left i the various Schengen countries before I need to get the fuck out but if Hungary is anywhere close to as expensive as the Czech Republic, it will be a quick pass through.

I've enjoyed the time with Pete and Jana I've gotten to spend in Prague but Pete's got to get back to work and Jana is looking more and more haggard every time I see her. Spending time with Logan can be like that.

So, I've written down the phrases in Hungarian for: hello, please, thank you, yes, no and the Logan special, 'I'm sorry'. We'll see what we can do with that.

Apparently, Hungary is not on the Euro as I had originally thought but on the HUF (Hungarian Forint). I'm going to work on stopping by a currency exchange today so that I have some before entering the country.

It seems that my German will again be useful in Hungary - it came up several times in the Czech Republic. Good deal.

I found coins for three euro dollars. The nice lady at the desk gave me two Fanta's for it. Considering that the coins were pretty much now useless to me, I'm up on the deal. I'm going to have to try to remember to give Pete any CZK 'shrapnel' I have left over before I leave the country as it will be useless further on.

I'll post again when I'm able!


  1. I give it one day after you are not travelling with Pete before you die in an alley somewhere, having run out of burgers (or something else equally American).

    Hmmm, if you do die you won't be able to approve this comment and no one will know I was right but if you do survive everyone will know I am wrong, this is a lose/lose situation.

    Just an idea but have you tried not eating out for every meal? Even if it's just making sandwiches for lunch and carrying them with you while exploring that should cut down on expenses (Logan ate out every meal, every day in England, I presume the trend continue in other countries).

  2. LOL....

    I just picture logan with a clothes iron trying to make grilled cheese with all the cheese they found in prague that doesn't really exist to jana... Chewing the poorly crafted sammich as jana comes in with a 10 piece w/ extra "skin" and pete describing his Prazka Sunka from the local bistro...

    I'd be hard pressed to not go out and eat to experience the culture and food of the country I was visiting. Not to mention it really didn't look like there was any fridge or cooking apparatus in the rooms so far. Though the electric tea pot could make soups and ramen and such easy enough... but surviving on the is bleh...



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