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My theory is that if people wanted to see 'standard pictures' of Prague, hell they've got the internet. Obviously, if you're reading this. Unless you have minions print this shit out and bring it to you. If you do, please get another minion to edit it.

Ranting aside, I wanted to show you some pictures of things very different from the USA. If you are already living in Europe, 'good on you' but this may still be interesting. Prague through Logan's eyes. Note, that the scenes where I am watching the cobblestones and huffing and puffing my way up some giant fucking hill are not in here even though it is a common sight for me.

BTW - if anyone would like to send Jana coupons or gift certificates for KFC, please let me know and I'll get you a mailing address.

It may be in this store, but everywhere else it's OK...

Logan tells the others about an exciting new place he can smoke!

Jana on a normal day looks like this.

Or this.

Jana often disagrees with me. Especially about her black nail polish. She tries to claim it is extra dark purple, I claim it is 'goth'. I asked her to show it to me and this is the result.

This is actually a Czech custom Jana told me about. When you are done eating, you put your knife and fork next to each other on the plate. I go an extra step and put the burial shroud over it as well. I think it makes it a bit more obvious to the waiters as well as hiding the food from the Belly (TM) so it doesn't decide to attack it.

If this bar was in England, it would be called "Couldn't be bothered to name it".

This picture is entitled "Hug? Hug! Noooo!"

Please point to the one you killed...

Failed saving throw.

A coat of arms made entirely out of human bones - and me.

Logan contemplates the nature of the universe and the nature of death. To misquote Homer Simpson, "If they were so smart, how come they're dead?"

Jana lived all of her life in Prague and claimed there were no cheese shops at all. In less than an hour or two, Pete had found something that looked promising.

Pete waits for Jana to return from some mysterious errand she wanted to run. We're not sure what she was up to but we waited.

Soviet block architecture. From what I've seen inside it's pretty random on where sinks, toilets and such are. One friend has her shower in the kitchen. No, I am not fucking kidding or 'being Logan'. I think they left these up because they were cheap dwellings for the masses. The put some paint on them to make them look nicer but - to quote Michael Paylin, "You can't polish a turd".

Logan with his 'Aren't I fucking posh' look on his face as I try out traditional Czech duck legs. What they didn't tell me about ahead of time is that they would send out the crippled duck for us to poke with sticks as it tried to drag itself away. Some of them could even be trained to get around in tiny wheelchairs. Good times, as Travis would say.

My impression of the Cubism museum. Also known as 'What the fuck is this shit?'

Logan say 'yuck' to too much culture!

Fortunately, they didn't have enough of that cubism crap to fill the building they had.

The only good thing about Hooters in Prague - they served one 'American sized' drink.

A nice picture of Jana and her brother Jan.

Go to different countries to drink and smoke! Hell, that's what I do!

Jana attempts to take down religion by pushing down a cathedral. If God is dead, it's because she killed him.

Jana also found out which car belonged to the priest and did something bad to it. She really hates these guys.

A traditional Czech house. The live like hobbits.

This is Ivan, one of twenty or so wine makers in the Czech Republic in the place where they make and store wine. He is holding a glass of wine for the readers (well, one guy probably) who has never seen what wine looks like before. That, and we were drinking a fair bit of wine. I had no idea that the Czech Republic made wines but I will say their wines are quite different to anything I've had anywhere else in the world. It was quite a pleasure to meet Ivan!

Ivan's friends who adopted me, part 1.

Ivan's friends who adopted me, part 2. These two pictures are some (not all!) of the people who really made me feel welcome at the 'town of rabbits'. Good folks!

On the right is Tomash (Tom) who helped organize the trip, let us stay at his home, gave us a tour of his city, etc, etc. I would describe him as 'outgoing and charming'.

Can you fucking believe the name of this bar? It was closed or I would have gone in and demanded a White Russian! If you are clueless on this, go watch the movie.

In case you can't tell, those are giant, black babies crawling around the structure. Jana tells me those are quite a problem in Prague.


This is Jana's favorite Czech folklore song but this is a close second. I had no idea they were Czech songs but she assures me this is them done in English.

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