Wednesday, April 13, 2011



Jana tried to convince us that Kentucky Fried Chicken is actually traditional Czech food.

Jana: "That's why we are all skinny. We are cheap."

One thing I've been trying to do is to just eat small (ie normal person sized) portions of food. I want very much to get hungry later because I can then experience some new type of food.

I tried out the 'cottage pie' (made from real cottages) for 285 CZK. For those not knowing what a cottage pie is, according to the menu it is a "Savoury minced beef and vegetables topped with mashed potato and chedder cheese. A big, satisfying, piping hot, tasty and healthy meal. It was better than the one I had in England. Does anyone have the queen of England's personal e-mail so I can write to complain? Anyway, if this sort of meal sounds good to you and you are good for spending 620 CZK ($36) on two people (lunches + drinks) head to Rocky O'Reilly's Irish Pub Restaurant.

Breakfast in a posh cafe:
Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast: 70 CZK. This was rather average tasting.
Pete went for the 'Cheese and nuts crepes - three type of cheese, blue, eidam (??) and Parmesan'. He described it as 'very nice'. It was 95 CZK.
Tea of your choice (in a bag, sigh), 31 CZK and for 300ml of juice, 27 CZK. The total bill for two people was 223 CZK, about $13. Fuck the other travel shows and sources not telling you how much stuff is.

Tourists and fucking McDonald's. I find it amazing that idiots travel thousands of miles to visit a foreign culture then want to eat at McDonald's. In my mind, that should be served with a good, solid slap.

Getting an actual traditional Czech meal is a real challenge. We eventually found one by chance at a place which may have been called Sv. Norbert - a brewery and restaurant. They served a few different beers and a few 'traditional Czech dishes'. No KFC - sorry Jana. The meal itself consisted of some sort of beef, a dumpling which had been sliced up (interesting) a piece of lemon (ignored) and two other interesting ingredients in dabs atop the lemon - sour creme and cranberry sauce. Before having them with the other things on the plate, I'd have never guessed that these things could be combined up. The interplay of tastes in this dish was wonderful and made it the best meal I've had so far in Prague. [This meal costs 190 CZK, $11. Outfuckingstanding! For two people meals plus drinks 650 CZK.] Yes, sorry Jana, even better than the 'extra crispy' KFC. Or McDonald's. Or Subway. Or any of the other foods you have been trying to convince us are 'authentic Czech food'. [When I said that I thought Subway was a fairly recent American place, she said 'Oh no. We have been doing it for close to 1500 years and the US just recently found out about it. Didn't you know this?']

At that same brewery, they had three different beers - light (in color - these guys have never cared about reducing the calories, they just use physical activity), dark and something called IPA. The dark was OK, didn't try the light. The IPA is a complicated, busy beer. According to the helpful waiter (one of the good ones) IPA = India Pale Ale. this beer was originally made to transport to India. Due to lack of refrigeration, it had to have more preservatives in it to keep it from going bad. Such as hops and malt. Malt makes more alcohol, alcohol is a preservative. Hence, this shit had a hell of a kick. I'm not sure what the alcohol content of the one I had was but after half a beer I was done and Pete had to go get coffee into me.

Drinking for 4 people (16 drinks), 1322 CZK. Fucking ouch.

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