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I was advised to see the Terror Museum. It opens at 10 AM (sharp) TUE-SUN. To get in is 1800 HUF, no photos. For the audio thing it's an extra (I believe) 1300 HUF. I didn't get the audio thing because a) I am a cheap bastard - still trying to rebuild my money after the last trip and b) I typically don't like the long speeches. I'd much rather have a native just give me the Cliff notes, if you know what I mean.

My thoughts on the Terror Museum. Well, it was obvious that they put a lot of work into this thing but I felt like I was looking without really seeing. I think I got the gist but the subtleties escaped me. Doubtless, if I was fluent in Magyar (Hungarian) or had sucked it up and got the audio thing I'd have gotten more out of it. Although Budapest plays host to tourists from all over the world whose common language is English, only about a third or so of the signs were in English as well.

There were a lot of exhibits I just didn't understand. For example, there was an old style car surrounded by black drapes. Tense violin music played. The room lights would dim while the lights on the car would increase. Then, the lighting would go back to what it was previously. I have no idea what the fuck that was all about. My only thought was 'perhaps this is the car that came to pick up people and whisk them away?' If so, I'd have been more interested to see inside of a vintage car. There was also a pig made out of plaster or paper mache standing by itself with a sign (only) in Hungarian. I have no clue what that was. Given it's location in the former 'secret police headquarters' where they slaughtered and tortured assloads of people, I figured it must be an evil fucking pig.

They also had a video of a trial for a guy and his cronies who had attempted to overthrow the communists. Their biggest crime - as I see it - was failing.

I also got to ride down the same exact elevator that Michael Palin had ridden down and watched the video in. That was kind of cool though I do remember that he had sprung for the audio guide. That's what having the big BBC budget can do for you.

The basement was a bit moving as it served a grim reminder to what dicks people can be to each other.


Lukewarm Chinese food at a Hungarian 'working man's' eating place with a lemon flavored Fanta, about 900 HUF.


I met a group of four Turkish nursing students as well as two folks from Poland. I think that they have more people in their group but I'm not sure. I gave folks my card and said that if they enjoyed my blog to let me know when I get near the country. I'd love to go visit them, stay with them and chat with them. Good stuff. All of them seemed really nice and I think it would be fun to learn about their countries through their eyes.

I did get two of the Turkish guys names - Honour and Serdar (pronounced "Sar-Dar"). I hope I get to meet them again when I eventually reach Turkey.

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