Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Well, I am declaring that (for me) Sabang (Indonesia) is a complete bust.

It's not the primitive surroundings.  I can handle needing to sleep under mosquito netting which helps some.  Not being able to use toilet paper nor having a bidet is a nuisance but still workable.  For those wondering how to wipe, get your hand wet from a ladle of water and jam it on up in there.  Rinse and repeat.

For those 'oh I want to get back to nature' people, fuck you.  After you've had monkeys land on your corrugated roof very early a couple mornings you will come to like nature better from a distance.

The problem is that unless you are under water, this place has absolutely nothing to see.  Nothing.  I've walked to a nearby village a couple of kilometers away and wow it was lame.  Since SCUBA is beyond my meager income - even if I want to spend $250-300 to get certified any time I do one dive in a day I've blown my daily allowance - that leaves snorkeling.

Hey kids - when you smoke for four decades small dogs have a better lung capacity!   I am the anti-role model for kids.  "You wanna be like Logan?  No?  Then stop eating so many sweets!"  "You like swimming?  Don't smoke like he does - you will smell like shit and you won't swim well."

Because of this, I'm going to start doing some research on Sri Lanka.

As you may have guessed, the kind of travelers that come out to this fairly remote and wild region are pretty hearty and experienced travelers.  During the nightly dinner (which is the best $2 per day I spend) I've heard a lot of positive talk about Sri Lanka.  Friendly people, low prices.

And Buddhists.  Which means I may get some alcohol going.  Good deal.

Rather than storm off half cocked, going to do some research and publish it into the blog.

Either way, I will end up ditching my fifty dollar plane ticket which would take me back to KL.  Given how much I dislike this place, I can live with losing that money.


Thanks to Jason P. for this startling look ahead to the End Times.  All hail our new insect overlords!


Sorry for the lack of pictures and things.  I don't have internet here other than what I can tether through my phone - and it is a limited amount.  When I get somewhere wifi lives I'll get more pictures and things going.

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