Tuesday, March 31, 2015



At last, today is my fourth year anniversary of non-stop travel around the world.

It's been a hell of a good ride.

I've been in countries that have had revolutions going on, been invaded and even sat through a 6.5 (?)  earthquake.  Talked to more interesting people than I can literally remember - and am fortunate enough to have some of them on my Facebook.   Hell, I even briefly had the now president of Egypt as a Facebook friend though I'd never met him in person.

Yes, my name for Facebook is the same as this blog, "Logan Horsford".  If you want to get in on my random rants, Facebook me but be advised that if you are religious you will probably unfriend me soon.  Or if you are easily offended.  However, if you are you probably wouldn't be reading this blog.

Thanks to all of the people who have taken this ride with me through the magic of the internet combined with a strong desire to slack off at work.

I'd also like to again thank all of those people whose homes I stayed at on my journeys.

At times like this, people usually ask, "What's next?"

More travels.  More crazy experiences.  More exploring the world.

Unless I die - in which case I'll just be rotting in the ground.

Assuming I am immortal (hasn't been proven wrong thus far) I will continue to see the world and bring my opinion of it.  Unfiltered.  No corporate giants have sponsored me.  That sucks.  Er - I mean "Because no corporations have funded me, I am able to give you the honest view of the world as I see it."

If I start getting big money from corporations, I may have to suck a bit of cock but something tells me that's not likely to happen.

Sit back, keep an eye our for your slave driving boss and enjoy the blog!


"There's a reason many of the countries that are poor are that way." says Logan just before ordering food.

"I'll have chicken fried noodles.  NO seafood."

They bring back rice and chicken.

"I don't see any noodles!"

They bring back chicken fried noodles.  With seafood.

"As I was saying..."



Read this.

This is why I never recommend anyone getting career advice from their parents in this world of ever changing paradigms.


500 business cards, simple black and white, no design charges:  70 MYR.  (Note this is about $19 so it isn't really cheap but I get them tomorrow and it will be awhile before I give out that many.)

Zenfone 5 (smart phone) with 32 gig memory card stuffed inside, fully unlocked no service plan etc, 588 MYR ($158 at the time of this writing).  Note, this is with no contract, etc.  Totally unlocked phone.

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