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As I'd mentioned, it is a wee bit hot here.  I rate the heat in several different stages.

Not:  No bandanna required.  May get a light sweat or develop a sweat if I wander around much.

Bit hot:  Bandanna required simply to keep sweat from splattering onto my glasses.  When you toss your bandanna away and it goes 'plop', that's sweaty hot.  It is outstanding to wander around in this because it isn't long until you are drenched with sweat.  You really feel like you did a hard work out.  Even if you didn't.

Dangerous:  Above something like thirty five degrees it is time to scurry from one shade to another.  Generally, I only encounter this sort of heat when I'm in deserts.  Hopefully, I will be wearing 'Arabic style' clothing.  By this I mean of course a djellaba and keffiyeh.  Best things you can wear in that climate.

In Malaysia, it's a 'bit hot'.

After wandering around the town for thus far three days, I'm not sure what it is people come here for.  There are tons of tourists, European and Asian.  But it's not all that nifty of place.

It's also a bit difficult to walk around given the lack of sidewalks.

To clarify, they do have them but about 30-50% of them are used for other things (restaurants, parking for mopeds, shops, garbage storage and so on) and are pretty much impassable.  It's like they'd heard of them but figured they could re-purpose them for better things.

I'm going to keep wandering around for awhile to try to find the attraction of this city.


Outside of my window lives a homeless lady.

I believe she is completely off her rocker.  She spends all day just sitting there scratching around.  No idea what she is up to, don't much care.

Aside from the occasional noise.

I asked a guy who works in the hotel what was up with her.

"She is homeless.  Very sad."

Obviously not so sad that anyone does anything about it.  More of the 'isn't that fucking tragic' as you step over them or ignore them kind of sad.

It always amuses me in a black humor sort of way when people say "Oh, isn't that tragic!" or "It's so sad."  Almost like they're programmed to.  People generally don't give a fuck about these people beyond saying "So sad!"  No aid comes.  So why pretend to be sad?  Perhaps it is an unconscious effort to show other humans we are good people.  Perhaps it is a way to affirm we/our tribe/our nation has it better than others.  I've no idea.

Shit, we even care a bit more about animals than other humans, by a few years!

For me, I don't waste time pretending to care.  It has as much use as those people who promise to 'pray for you'.  They get to give you some lip service about how they care but honestly, they're doing nothing.  I don't bother to give the lip service.  Does that make me a bad person?  In the eyes of people I probably wouldn't like, perhaps.  Realistically, does it make me just like everyone else?  I've no idea.

One of the great measurements of how good the people of a land and their government are is how well they actually take care of the poor, the sick, the mentally ill and so on.   Which again passes the buck and puts it in the hands of government.  Unless we have to pay taxes to help keep this up, then we bitch.


In this gif (where does this shit come from) the human is played by the monkey.  The goat plays any and all alien races we come across.  If aliens did show up, this would go a long way to explain why they keep anal probing people.

Behold, the real reason the internet was invented.  If you would like to see this very NSFW tragedy in all it's dubious glory, click here.


Decent Indian meal (with pretty horrible waiters), 21MYR

New sandals (at last, with absolutely no warranty), 81MYR (that's about $22)


Just for you guys I did something I normally do not do.  I kept track of everything I've spent money on today.  Unless I go crazy for a soda or something later.  Here is a list of a fairly average day.  All prices in ringgits.

52 Rent
9  Breakfast half dozen very small egg roll things and a big cup of coffee
2  Small soda
23 Dinner spaghetti with meat sauce and a baked potato inexplicably squashed flat with diet soda
9  Small package of six cookies, small packet of Q-tip wannabes, 1.5 liters of cold water

Total:  95 ringgits.  At the time of this writing, that is $25.76.  Before you say 'oh, that's cheap' remember that on top of this cost I will have laundry, replacement stuff (like my new sandals the other day), travel expenses (such as air fare, etc).  Over all, it seems to be in the neighborhood of what I should be spending today though.

I do realize that is what some people spend going to the movies.


My 52MYR room in Georgetown.

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