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When I first got to this city, it appeared to be pretty dull and uninspired.  Instead of just going away, I wanted to dig in a bit deeper.  There has to be some reason why people come here.  There are little treasures to be had as you explore.

Delving into the back streets of a city is always of interest and sometimes pays off.

While I was poking around some when I got called over by a local.  Much of the time I ignore these calls as they come from people wanting to access the Logan ATM.  This time it didn't feel like that.  There were a few locals just sitting around drinking beer.

"Hey, you want a beer?"

Malaysia is the last place you want to drink.  After their hefty government taxes, a single beer is 7.50 MYR ($2).  This is not the place to drink.

In response to my raised eyebrow (and possibly 'are you high?' look on my face) the guy quickly amended "Beer here is three for 10 MYR ($2.69).  Found out you can buy one for 3.50 MYR (95 cents).

So I had a couple beers with the guys and chatted.   Found out this place pays frequent bribes to the police to stay open.  Instead of money, they just tell the cops "You each get just one item."  The cops usually take a bottle of expensive alcohol and they're happy.  They also hide parts of their stock in various buildings in case it is raided by the police.

Damned if I didn't find the Malaysian equivalent of a 'speakeasy'.

Fortunately, all of the customers were not required to dress in authentic 1920's apparel.

After those, I wandered into "Little India" in search of food.  Found it, ate it.  Damned good and only 12.20 including rice, three different types of food and a lassi drink.

Served on a banana leaf.  Not pictured, the mutton because they were de-boning it for me.  I explained that if I choked on a bone, I would die then haunt their restaurant.  Yes, really.

Afterward, back to the outdoor speakeasy to get down with some serious drinking.

Sign of the speakeasy.

Again lucked out and met up with two Czechs who are bicycling through Asia.  Given the traffic and horrible driving, it seems unbelievably brave.

For 11 MYR you can get (I think) 300ml of cheap whiskey.  Not sure but I think we had three of those.  The lady stuck with beer and her husband and I drained the whiskey.

It went down nicely.

This outdoor speakeasy was very busy.  In addition to the take away business, there were probably over fifty people sitting around on plastic furniture with cheap tables.

Logan got drunk.  It's been awhile - since Cambodia.

So I'm staggering back toward where I suppose my hotel to be.  Stopped to ask a couple of transvestite prostitutes (or ladyboys - not sure) for directions.   You always run into interesting people on side streets at night.

Somehow, found my hotel.

Was drunk enough I'd forgotten how light switches worked.  Complained the lights weren't working and the bemused night worker came and turned on my lights for me.

I've no idea what I did for preparations for bed but I ended up in it.  Slept till 1:30PM.  Would have gone on sleeping but when I am laying down too long, my body starts to ache.  Same when I sit or stand too long.  My body craves change I suppose.

And...  It looks like more of the same tonight.  Not planning on drinking as much but we all know how that shit works.



Zombie stories are usually only told in the USA.  Ever wonder why they don't take place in other parts of the world?

India - gone just that fast.


As reported earlier, living right outside my window is a completely insane homeless lady.  Usually she spends time bitching that her imaginary friends never talk to her or scraping her clothing on the ground.  I have no idea why on that second one.

I look at it a bit like the people who built the 'follys' and then had an insane hermit installed.   It's to create more ambiance.

Got a bit of extra entertainment value when I heard a conversation between some sort of good Samaritan and the homeless lady.  He wanted to give her a coffee.  Maybe he supports her, I've no idea.  Never seen her leave so I have no idea how she gets food.  Or goes to the bathroom.  Wish I hadn't thought of that second one.

Samaritan:  "You have worms in your hair - let me take them out."
Homeless lady:  "No, no, no."

Homeless lady:  "I don't speak English!"
Samaritan:  "Yes you do!"

Yes.  Trying to make the best of a fucked up situation.  It's not easy to find a room at this price range that doesn't suck.


Zajeci (which means 'rabbit') is the village in Czech Republic I visited when I started this trip.  I need to go back there at some point.


Speakeasy, 3 beers for 10MYR
Indian food, 12MYR


  1. Again ....good luck on our way and many positive experience

    1. Go go bicycles! Everyone else, be sure to check out their FB page:



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