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I've had people ask me, "Why isn't there a button to donate?"

It is here:
On the front page, down near the bottom.

Oddly, telling people of the existing button absolutely failed to get any donations.   Why did they want to know about it?  I have no fucking clue.

If you would like to donate to Logan's travels, go click the button.  Most travel blogs tell you that it helps them to get to a new exotic location.  This may in fact be true with Logan but it is just as likely to help Logan drink himself into a stupor at some point.  You can never tell.  If I get some crazy amount of money (few grand) I would use it to go to Scotland and Ireland.  A lot of pictures will be taken - and a lot of stupors drunk into with the Scots and Irish.


Weird night out wandering around the town.

Almost got run over by a car which I hit.  It slowed but didn't stop.  In retrospect I thought "What the hell am I doing?"

Later, I stopped by a place and met up with a guy I normally see at the place I get coffee.  Though we had previously barely spoken he shook my hand and greeted me warmly.  He told me the restaurant (his, I presume) was seafood only and directed me to where I could get just noodles.  He remembered that I dislike seafood.

Making friends and nearly getting killed (again) all in one night.

The problem in Thailand is twofold.

First, either there are no sidewalks or the sidewalks are taken up with shopping stands and such.  Or set with traps.  Unintentional traps such as holes, sewers and other things which can easily cause a 'mechanical injury'.  Hence, you have to walk in the streets.

The second problem is quite frankly, people drive like assholes.  They are often paying attention to other things than what is in front of them.  Like their cellphones.   Due to the high level of corruption where you can buy a drivers license (I have yet to see any 'drivers ed' in any form here) many people's driving skill is low at best.  In countries where they either have shitty roads or have recently had shitty roads, swerving all over the road to avoid obstacles, potholes, stopped vehicles, shopping stands and such becomes the norm.  Crosswalks are merely something painted on the road because they seem popular in other countries so hey, let's have them on our roads as well.  They mean nothing to the drivers.  Might makes right in driving and pedestrians are at the bottom of the vehicular food chain.

That makes it frustrating and very dangerous just walking around.

Well, not as dangerous as in South Africa where you can apparently be stabbed for not having the phone the robbers want but being hit by some idiot who is busy looking at flashing lights on their cellphone is bad as well.

Regardless, I'm going to try to tough it out for a few more days here.  Working on saving some money, might fly to Korea at some point.  Need cash.


You have to be careful what month you head to Korea.  It can get bitterly cold there.  According to Wiki, it looks like the earliest month I could go would be April, though May would probably be better.

For a brief visit, the cost of living looks fairly reasonable, though it appears my entire time will be spent staying in $15 per night dorms.

Normally, I would start my search on Wikitravel.  Go through the different towns and so on.  Given the huge number of towns and how few of them have hostels (and the cost) I went the other direction.

Started on hostelbookers.com and did some research to find out which towns had hostels.  Any town that had less than three hostels (or less than three I could afford) was automatically discounted.  What if they were full?  Besides, I wanted to try to find the main 'tourist trail' of Korea.

This left me with just four towns:  Busan, GyeongJu, JeJu Island and Seoul.

The next step is to put them on the map and see if they are at all close to each other or if the main thing I'll be seeing in visiting all of them is the public transportation system.

Though Busan (where I'd probably be landing) is all the way across the country from Seoul, it is only a six hour drive.  Small country.

To study up on the places:

JeJu:  a) it's an island and if you've read previous blogs, you know what that means.  b) it's a big tourist trap for all of Korea - where people go for honeymoons and such.  Verdict:  Avoid.

Seoul:  Been there thirty years ago.  I'm certain it's changed dramatically but six hours for a huge city (the capital of S. Korea) meh.

That leaves Busan and GyeongJu.

It looks OK - nothing special.

Busan is the second largest city in Korea.  Huge seaside city.

Gyeongju, a historical town, about two and a half hours away.

It's not really seeing a lot of the country but honestly, I'm going there to eat.  Saw a whole lot of historical stuff in Korea years ago and got my fill.

The actual reason I am wanting to go to Korea.


These games lasted for about a half hour before hitting the scrap pile of uninstall.

Civilization:  Beyond Earth:  Felt really clunky.  Couldn't just click to look at what's going on in the city.  Other civilizations like to teleport in from the stars.  Marauding aliens.  Meh.

Mount and Blade:  Clunky.  Doors are made from sticky fly paper.

Robocraft:  Feels very clunky and they have their hand out for money.  Now.  Put that shit in my hand.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat:  Want some realism in your shooters?  With this you can get the realism of you vs several armed men.  Unfortunately, that does mean you end up dead a lot and get to start from where ever you manually saved last.

Terriana:  Ug.  It's 2d Minecraft.  Just play Minecraft instead.  It is one of the ugliest things I've seen.  It does baffle me that 2d games are still being made - given the updates we've had in technology and all.


You've heard of classy, professional blogs?

We are the other mutherfuckers.

Only 7-11 in Thailand will give you a straw with your 1/3 liter of shitty whiskey.

1 Korea. When I state 'Korea' people like to smugly ask me if I mean 'South Korea'.  Presumably they wish to show off their knowledge that there is both a north and a south Korea.  Yes, fuck you, I know.  For purposes of this blog, lets just assume the one I am talking about is a) the one I can afford  and b) the one that won't get me fucking executed.  [Editor:  Wouldn't it be ironic if they executed him in South Korea?]  [Logan:  Fuck you too.]


  1. Aside from possibly being executed, do you want to visit North Korea?

  2. Honestly, I am worried my big mouth would get me killed while inside of it or have teams of assassins sent after me when I'd left.

    Technically, I have been in North Korea before as I walked around the negotiating table where North and South Korea gather to assure each other they are still at war. Half the room is in each country. The compound is on the DMZ.



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