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Saturday, March 12, 2011



They're going to be bringing Discworld to the TV in a weekly episodic series. I'm guessing like CSI (or some police show) meets Discworld. I'm not certain whether they're going to do it with live actors or (let it not be so) animated. But it is interesting news.


Today, I started learning how to play backgammon. Mind you, I don't really care that much about board games however backgammon is played in a lot of areas throughout the world. Hence, it is another potential tool for meeting people. Apparently, backgammon is big in Turkey as well as many of the Arabic nations today. Hence, I am learning it. My goal is to get at least proficient enough to understand how to move the pieces though I will probably never be a serious player - much like my current skill level in chess. My guide in this is an older white guy named Kevin. One of his recent sayings (that I told him should be on a t-shirt) is "If you see me with a white woman, it is my parole officer." He's an interesting character and apparently one of the better backgammon players. I think he is rated in the top thousand.


From what I've read, police corruption is very high there. I'm not sure what to think about the place - it might be interesting to go through. If I go there, I would go through to Moldova. Going to Moldova from the Ukraine would take me through their nifty breakaway state of Transnistria. This place was dangerous in the recent past but apparently is a bit safer now. If I hit Ukraine, I'm going to see how adventurous I feel when I'm done with the trip there. Any place that you are told 'you need to check in with the militia' when going there rates as 'adventurous'. I'm not sure if Moldova is worth seeing or not. We'll see when I get closer to it and get the word on the streets.

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