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I was reading a story that had some interesting things to say about one of America's biggest exports - violence. They are charging "group of five soldiers accused of killing innocent civilians out of pure bloodlust". This was discovered because - like stupid teenagers, "The soldiers then took photos of themselves grinning while standing over their victims as if posing with hunting trophies, as well as taking gruesome mementos including bones and severed fingers." "Reports have claimed the atmosphere after a killing was jubilant, with the soldiers in high spirits and excitedly regaling each other with their own versions of what had happened. In a sad irony, the soldiers were supposed to be carrying out the American strategy of counterinsurgency, or COIN, by protecting and befriending the Afghan population in the dangerous region around Kandahar." Well, I guess they misunderstood their mission. To cap it off, the actions of the 'kill team' were denounced as "...contrary to the standards and values of the United States Army..." This is another example of why the government will prefer to use private contractors instead of army troops - better deniability. Personally, I wouldn't have said these crimes were caused by bloodlust - they didn't occur while combat was going on. According to the article, the soldiers started it themselves. Hence, psychotic behavior rather than bloodlust.

Yes, even I think that's bad. Worse than the usual thing of going berserk with a BB gun because a special ended on your Taco Bell. For the record, unless real bullets were used, I don't call it a 'shootout'.


Bert found out about these. They're marketing them for hunting but Bert mentioned that the military potential is also there.


Richard, Travis, Bert and I (Logan - the guy who writes this blog) were sitting around chatting. For your inspection, it is here.

A wide variety of topics were covered. It may (or may not) be of interest to others. I have entitled it 'Pre-Game Dump' - not after any RPG game but titled after the line in Van Wilder. It is confusing, but I'm sure you've already figured it out.


Not counting today (which is cleaning day) I have three days and a wake up. Not too long to go. It will be a long assed three days though. Pretty much my plan is to try to hit my favorite restaurants and talk to people that I've gotten to know here before I go. I feel that I've gotten to spend some good time with Travis and Bert before I left - and will get to spend a bit more as they are taking me to the airport. Good deal there for a last huzzah. I am planning on arriving a minimum of four hours before the flight as to give TSA a chance to root through my bags as well as give me plenty of time to repack them.

Other than that, no real plans.


The blog apparently has a lot of people with German IP addresses reading it. We're planning on hitting Munich for sure, possibly other places but Munich for sure. If you're wanting to meet up with us in Munich, let me know. We'll see if we can coordinate a convenient place to meet for a beer or something.


Richard found this from Matt's first dictionary.

The story of Matt and the slaying of countless hookers does however have a dark side. Apparently, he has been banned from entering the Netherlands. In an interview with a government official who demanded anonymity (so he was not called a hooker and slain by Matt) the government official is quoted as saying "In Amsterdam, we have over 20,000 prostitutes. Having a crazed person coming and murdering them is not the sort of image we want to give people of the Netherlands."

Matt is quoted as saying "I don't see what the big deal is. They have so many - I mean, I would only be able to kill less than a hundred! If Charlie Sheen can go crazy I am surprised this is even newsworthy." When told that statement made no sense, he responded with a loud "Shaddup!" and went back to his beer drinking in preparation of stalking prostitutes.

So, for the readers of this blog, that means that sadly Matt will not get to accompany us on the Amsterdam portion of the trip. Whether he sues the Netherlands for infringing on his rights remains to be seen but the conservatives of the Netherlands are in favor of not only him having an extended visit but paying for that visit. We will keep you up to date on that news as it becomes available.

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