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REMEMBER - EVERY $5.30 YOU CONTRIBUTE CAN BUY LOGAN A BEER IN LONDON. Yeah - it's a bit pricey there. I can't think of any good reason for anyone to buy me a beer - but I'm sure someone wants to. Perhaps they know that if I drink enough beers, that many embarrassing scenes will come about.


Topper Harley: "My father used to say that not playing to win is like sleeping with your sister. Sure she's a great piece of tail, with a blouse full of goodies, but... it's just illegal. Then you get into that whole inbred thing. Kids with no teeth who do nothing but play the banjo... eat apple sauce through a straw... pork farm animals."


Topper Harley: "Ramada, I want to be with you. I want to hold you. I want to meet your parents and pet your dog..."
Ramada Rodham Hayman: "My parents are dead, Topper. My dog ate them."


As you may have noticed from the quotes of the day above, I've been re=watching Hot Shots and Hot Shots 2. Amazingly, both of these have a bit over 6/10 on IMDB but I give them both 9/10. This set of movies is rare as the sequel did not suck. Both are fun movies with lots of good quotes.


If the last one wasn't disturbing enough, try this one. If being disturbed disturbs you, this one might be better.


This movie is presented in four 'vignettes'. Each a small separate story connected by the main character who is the bellboy of the hotel. I'm going to give you fair warning - the first vignette is (IMO) the absolute worst. If you turn it off after just seeing that you will say 'WTF was Logan talking about saying he liked it?'. If you really want to, you can play starting at about 23 minutes into the film and start on the second one.

Now the fun part - for those that are roleplayers - We did the second vignette to someone. I'm not kidding. The beautiful thing is that he responded pretty much like the main character of the movie did all through it. A bunch of other players were sitting around watching it as they were the ones who stuck him in the mess to start with. It was priceless.

For those familiar with the TV show Lie To Me (a show I recommend), Four Rooms also has as the star (bellhop) a very young looking Tim Roth.

I would rate this one a little higher (but not much) than IMDB who gave it a 6.4 - I'd put it at a solid 7/10.

Any movie that has a picture of one of the dead hookers Matt L. left in a hotel room is a win.When it's found by kids, so much the better.


This is a rough movie for Ryan Reynolds. Why? Because I rate every other movie he does against this one. This movie is for me a 10/10. That means that everything else comes up short. Kal Penn also does a great job in this movie but he also did a nice job in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. I wish we could have several more movies where Ryan Reynolds plays a character like Van Wilder (or Van himself).

Life is all about developing personal relationships - write that down. - Van Wilder. Note that this is a purposeful misquote. But I think it's true!

Quote (to a pretty girl) "Are you stalking me? Because that would be super..."

I've gotta say, the scenes with the dog did give me a bit of gag.
Shown here is someone projectile vomiting (a term I learned from Chris) on someone else from 'the dog scene'. Yeah - it's that kind of thing.

Also, for those into such things, plenty of breasts in this movie.

And some horrible shit -


I'm sure someone out there is asking "Why should I listen to movie reviews done by Logan?" I think the best answer I can give is "I will fucking eat your skull if you don't!" And I will barrage you with random images. Seriously though I'm thinking a lot of the people I know are substantially younger than I am (partially because the older ones keep dying) and haven't seen some of the movies that - although they were made in the 1980's or 1990's are actually worth watching. So, this might give them some ideas of things to watch.


Keep an eye out for Bert's website. I don't know what it is right now but I'm thinking he will put it in the comments to this blog - check there. His plan (after he gets a hold of my computer when I leave) is to re-publish all of the Heroic Cthulhu stuff. If you've never heard it before

1. It's funny.
2. It's got great player moments as well as the 'duh' moments.
3. There is so much of it you could listen for 24 hours a day and literally have a few months of crap to listen to. I'm serious.
4. It shows you just how amazingly fucking smart the players I had are. Really - they are just that fucking smart. Painfully smart. Like "I didn't expect them to figure out this murder mystery and they solved it with style" type of smart. [To those who say "They are average, you are just stupid Logan" - fuck off.]


As a side note, I need to get Bert my phone (and charger) before I leave. Wise Richard discovered it won't work overseas. Doh.

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