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Watched the 'Sound of Music' movie. It's an old one from 1965. I know anyone under 30 will wonder 'is that in color?' It is. One of the things that impresses me is this static: Budget: $8,200,000 (estimated); Gross: $163,214,286 (USA). That's an impressive profit ratio! For the younger crowd, the male lead was a very young version of the 'grandpa' from National Treasure. Kind of weird seeing him young. I think that it fits into the thing that men look better as they get older. Sadly for women, they just get older looking. Heh. I was trying to figure out where else I had seen him - in the 80's, he was in Dragnet as the
'Reverend Jonathan Whirley'. Interesting. Apparently, he has done a bunch of other movies that I've never heard of. I think that would be the a bummer for an actor - be in a bunch of stuff that nobody has ever heard of. I suppose it's still paying work. Getting back to the movie 'The Sound of Music' - freaky thing is that (aside from tour guides) it's completely unknown in Austria - as it was (for some weird reason) never released there. For those who know less about the movie, it was filmed in Austria. I would like to appologize for this movie review being 46 years late...


Samantha Brown hosts. These are good on the scenery but I don't really favor her as a host. I watched the ones that might be useful in my trips but that was about it. She gives occasional 'travel advice' to tourists but it is very basic at best. I'd give these a 4/10 rating. No, I have no clue how they got an 8/10 rating on IMDB.


These were the places the internet marked as interesting. Keep in mind that once I get 'my feet on the ground' in whatever country I'm in, I'll seek more information. This is just the preliminary look around on the internet information.

Don't forget that Czech Republic is the absolute leader in beer consumption. They apparently drink (basically) half a two liter bottle of beer every day. That is taking into account everyone - babies, children, the extremely old, etc. Since those people are probably not actually drinking the beer, that means that those not on the extremes of age need to make up for their beer consumption. That tells me that every day the average person has what amounts to a two liter bottle of beer. Or two. Another way to put it is if you were wearing high boots, you'd have to drink both full of beer every day. Still another way to put it is they drink three times the beer we consume in America. Still another way to put it is 'they out drink Australia!' I'm looking forward to visiting!!


Well, aside from the capital and a couple other towns I couldn't find a lot (so far as the internet sources) that looked really interesting. The miles of caves look interesting but lets be realistic. Caves are cramped and my physical flexibility is very limited. I'm not sure I could get through a lot of them despite my interest in them.


This is a copy paste of what TJ put on facebook for those who are not on his friends list:

Okay so the first part of my weekend went great. I made it to Blacksburg in amazing time. We had lunch at 5 guys and Logan reminded why he makes a bad wing man. Then after a really good laugh we went to a local hobby store where we spread the word on Heroic Cthulhu and helped the store owner maybe make some more cash. Then it was of to my hotel to check me in.

part 2 my weekend. After checking in at my hotel. The Red Carpet Inn was an old motel but it was in a great residential part of town just down from the main part of town. The owner Harry was supper nice and hooked me up later when the weekend went wrong. Okay back to Logan's for a night of gaming. My character got shot and then double crossed the team. Its not nice to shoot people.

Part 3 my weekend. After spending the day laughing my ass off with Logan . I head out to my hotel at 2 am. At 2:30 I put my head on the pillow with my head swimming and my gut churning. At 3:20 I lost the battle. Now with blood shot eyes and a angry body I made the tough chose. I drove to my sick ass home :( I had to stop a bunch of times to evacuate fluids but managed to make it home safe.

part 4 Id like to thank Vdot for putting in those ridges along side the road in the mountains. I don't remember much of Saturday I woke up a few times to the wife making sure I was alive and my body evacuating more fluids. Id also like to thank my old Drill Sargent for the term Drink Water. Now the tough part at some point later today when my friend gets up I have to say sorry and let him know im still alive.

(Back to Logan's ranting) I wanted to put in TJ's part for completeness and a sense of closure. I'm still disappointed that he had to go as it could be years - if ever - till I see him again.


Long time fans (well, not sure if it is possible being that this blog hasn't been out long but screw it, I'm going with it) of this blog might remember the story we did awhile back on Matt hiding various dead prostitutes and such around his apartment.

According to our sources, he has been caught at long last. The police have found 616 dead prostitutes in the living room of his flat. It is uncertain whether he was attempting to get this number or if he would buckle down and get another fifty. He is widely suspected of working with this individual who has been described as 'a slippery customer'. Apparently, he is being held prisoner at a location inside of England. Admission to visit him for adults is twenty British pounds sterling and visiting hours are Mon,Sun 10am-5:30pm; Tue-Sat 9am-5:30pm. An artists' version of what Matt now looks like. (Yes, Matt, this is what you get for not keeping in touch!).

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