Thursday, March 3, 2011



Well, I got fucked. Again. When I had set up the dental appointment, I told them that soon I would be out of town and this was the last month I could get in. I got a call on the day of the appointment saying the dentist was sick and the next time they could get me in would be in MAY. Fuck them, I'll get it done overseas. I'll have to check in Czech Republic to see how much a dentist is there. Actually, I asked Jana to make a call as I still don't speak Czech. I know that it will be expensive everywhere west of that. If it's still too expensive in C.R., I'll have to go further east.


Watching Samantha Brown now. I'm checking out the one on Munich currently. Another thin good looking announcer - with a nice chest. Initial impressions, she's a bit daffy. We'll see if it gets better. I like the landscape shown thus far. Brings back memories, I can't wait to get back there. I'll write up a review of this series after I've seen some more.


If someone is wanting to be entertained by following celebrities and fed mindless garbage the way Americans eat at McDonalds, no - American media is your best choice. If you are wanting actual news, I'd suggest the following places: (England) (German) (Arabic)
Unless you are in the same position as I am (very unlikely) all news will just be pretty much 'mindless entertainment'. However, you can get lots of stuff (in English) that isn't slanted by 'American special interest groups'; our standards of journalism have fallen. Do some research into who owns the tv stations, newspapers, radio stations in America. Then do some research to find out who owns those companies. And keep working your way up. Then, look surprised.

Am I saying that it is not OK for anyone but Logan to intake news? Not at all. As anyone who has been reading this blog knows, I'm a big advocate of mindless entertainment. If you want it, chew it up. The problem comes when you believe what they are feeding you without checking other sources. Just the way something is said changes the entire meaning/emphasis. People who watch just the American news then form opinions of it IMO are lazy fuckers who will believe whatever they are told. Go the extra step - check out other newspapers from foreign countries. Pretty much all of them have an English section; if not, there is always google translate.

The reason that I am interested in sucking down some foreign (screw American media) news is that it is extremely relevant to me as I will soon be there. Whether I like it or not, America is very active in world affairs. If they start some shit in a foreign country, that can increase my threat level not only in that country but in other countries that are nearby, etc. I'm doing things like keeping tabs on 'the Arabic situation' to see if/when it is safe to go there.

Most people don't have these kind of immediate concerns. This is why I regard media as pretty much 'entertainment' for the masses. You don't get extra points/money for being 'well informed'. I think it arguable we could substitute the word 'programmed' for 'informed'. Hell, compared to other American news agencies, 'the Onion' actually looks credible!

In conclusion, be careful what you take into your brain; it is probably not helping you.

And, PS: Fuck the dentist.


  1. As with everything, check out Czech Dentists before you go, eg:

  2. This part I found interesting. 55-128 euros or so. Probably the 128 side, given my luck. That's about $200 USD. Right on the border between 'yank it' and 'head further east'. I suppose pain will be a factor, as in how much I'm in.

  3. Budapest gets bandied about as cheap 50 euros for a yanking



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