Sunday, March 27, 2011



Thanks to Jason for finding this. It's the place you want to go after a rough day of work, I suppose...


In Hollywood's 'lets try to make money off of what is safe instead of checking out some of the masses of stuff that has been put out in book form' it looks like they're going for yet another remake. The last one was put out only a few years ago - that will make it 12 years till the remake. Joy and happiness.

The first Tomb Raider movie made some good money, hence they made a second one. Which didn't. Because the writing sucked. Lets hope it gets better for the remake...


Speaking of yet more remakes, they are making yet another 'Three Musketeers' film. Looks like another 'big budget and everyone is a ninja in the fight scenes' type of thing from the preview on IMDB. Sigh. I enjoyed the 1993 version myself.

These kind of remakes cause me to wonder if Hollywood wouldn't be forced to be more creative (rather than going for 'safe') if they were not allowed to make a remake for at least 20 or 30 years of a film? They'd probably find ways to get around the rule is my guess.


I am currently at the airport. On purpose, I arrived about five hours early. I wanted to give plenty of time for TSA to root through my stuff.

After saying good bye to two awesome friends here in Blacksburg, Virginia I went into the airport. I attempted to use the automated kiosk to get mmy boarding pass. After waiting in line to use it, it told me to see an attendant. I'm not sure what was going on with their computers but I managed to get four different workers from the airline looking at the computer screen. Eventually - the wise man of the area came to look. His last name was 'Pilot'. I said to him "Your last name is pilot?" He nodded so I said "And you work at an airport - that's cool." After messing about with it for awhile, he eventually rebooted the computer. He must have read my blog on how to 'fix' computers. That did the trick.

Here's the kicker - the amount of time it took to get through that was MUCH longer than the total tie the TSA spent with me. Seriously! I pretty much just walked through it with my 35 pounds (they had a scale - I got to check) of luggage. The only thing they wanted to see was my had. Honestly. They gave my hat an intensive hand search. I have no idea why. An intensive hand search. As the lady was doing the hand search of my hat, she looked up at me like she wanted a reaction (or micro expression) so I leaned forward and said in a confidential loud whisper, "It's an old hat." That ended the hand search as she was now smiling. I have no idea what it was all about. Just weird.

I have (thanks to Bert and Travis) made it to the airport fed and well ahead of time.

The Roanoke airport (airport code ROA if you care...) has no 'smoking room' as the major airports seem to so I will be trying out my 'electronic cigarettes' later.

Other than that, it's just sitting and waiting for awhile. More later...


  1. Happy Trails, Bro! Keep us posted on your adventures.

  2. "The only thing they wanted to see was my had."
    That sentence had me scratching my head for (what felt like) an age, I was determined not to go on until I had worked out what you meant.

    In other news the weather appears to know you are coming, we've had lovely sunny days with blue skies... until today.
    Welcome to rainy old England Bitch!



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