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A cautionary note - get less nicotine than you think you'll need. Holy crap are the filters strong right out of the box! So strong that I'm going to try getting the 'lights' tomorrow. If they sell some without nicotine, I'm considering buying those as well. Right now, I'm soaking one of the filters that came with the electronic cigarette in water - then I'll dry it and see if that helps. They have warnings against just sucking on the filters in the directions. I've also noticed that just sucking on the body of the cigarette thing produces no 'smoke'. I don't know if the 7-11 I bought it from has any 'no nicotine filters' but will find out tomorrow. I will either get as light as they have or no nicotine. Update - they didn't have the nada nicotine ones so I got as light as they had. Hopefully, they won't kick my ass like the others did. Since it will be difficult to get replacement filters (though I will keep my eye open for nada nicotine ones!) this won't become a usual thing. Fortunately, the set up is small enough that carrying it shouldn't be a problem.


The Vassal module can be found here. This gives all of the cards with the pictures and such on them. This is good for role playing gamers.


This is normally a 'chick flick' but I did indeed like it. I give it a 7/10. It's a good 'feel good' movie about love. Not the kind of thing I normally watch. No dead bodies flying through the air, no explosions. I liked all of the actors in this one even. Good comedy.

The best picture I could get of 'the wheel' from the second movie. There are three total movies in the series.

All three of these movies deal with the 'after the nuclear Holocaust' This was a lot more of a possibility in the 1980's than it seems to be these days. Now, we just have terrorism. Anyway, a brief synopsis of the movies as seen from a Logan point of view (as you can read the IMDB ones if you want their version):

Mad Max: The boring prequel that shows how and why Max is all fucked up.

Road Warrior: Excellent road battle scenese as people in the '1980's punk look will never end' fight max and other people with Big Hair.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: Max breaks a deal and faces the wheel - then a shitload of kids and has another exciting on the road battle.

Aside from the action, the thing I like best about the second and third movies is all of the 'post nuke junk' they have and use - it's really well done.

If you've never seen these three movies, get your young punk ass in front of the computer and watch them.

Something I did not know but discovered is apparently, they are making a fourth movie! Not sure what the hell they're thinking there as the others were made so many years ago but it should be interesting. Interestingly, all of the actors listed on the page when I looked at it are all female. Wonder if it will be an all female cast?


This is a seriously weird ass movie. It has Eric Idle of Monty Python fame in it and another behind the camera (Terry Gilliam) directing it. Despite IMDB having a high rating for it (7/10) it seems to have lost a shitload of money. Like $30M on my simplified calculation method.

Anyway, I'd rate this movie about a 6/10 - it's got good scenery, costumes and is bizarre.


Apparently, people have so little faith in the US dollar, that it is the lowest it's been in about a year against the Euro. That sucks.


A surprisingly good movie from the eighties. The preimce is that a guy gets plastic surgery to look like Humphrey Bogart and changes his name to 'Sam Marlow' - a composite name of two character Bogart played in a couple of movies. I've actually run a couple of RPG games off of this movie. Pretty good plot. Due to the number of times I've watched it I gave it a 9/10.


  1. Eight days? Will you have time to get your Anti-Terrorist Certificate???

  2. Ha! A current copy/paste from that link now shows:

    Anti-terrorist certificates are a hoax. Please note that the previous answer left here was also written by a con-artist.

    Intended victims of the fraud are usually asked to provide an "Anti-Terrorist Certificate" in order to allow international money transfers to be made. The certificate is said to be a legal requirement established by the European Commission, United Nations or other similar international organization. Victims are told that they must pay up to 50,000 in Euro or US$ in order to receive this certificate, and failure to pay the fee will result in the funds being blocked.

    Any such demands should be treated as a hoax. International organizations do not require such an Anti-Terrorist Certificate nor do they request fees in association with the international transfer of funds. There is no "Commission Patriot Act of London, July 2005 (Public Law 313)" nor any similar Act, Law, Regulation or Directive.

    Persons who receive a request to pay for a certificate of this nature are strongly advised against making any payment. For issues relating to international money transfers, the first point of contact should be your bank. If you suspect fraud, you should contact the anti-fraud authorities in your country.

    Previous hoax answer:
    "Relatively to the new law of UN when someone want to transfer a huge sum of money from a country to another he should have the said certificate as a proof that this money will not used to terrorisme purposes ( When the some to be moved is over 1 million USD).This clearance certificate must be given by the office of UN of the country from which the funds will be transfered.This is the law after 11 Sept 2001."

    Read more:

  3. Mad Max is not a pre-sequel. It was the first movie. "Road Warrior" is actually properly called Mad Max II

  4. I just consider it a 'prequel' to the Road Warrior movie.

  5. HC Vassal mod...

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  6. I put it up on Internet Archive...

  7. Yes you did, and when I click on the link I get

    "What I wrote in my above comment"

    It's not accessible yet...



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