Tuesday, February 15, 2011

40 Days To Go

Forty days to go!


Well, actually, live ones. After reading another blog, a buddy of mine sent me this link for a bit more on where sex is. Sex tourism is a big, big industry!

For those asking me, no, I will not be taking photos in the racy places. Reason - whores come out and break your camera. A lot of them are not wanting to be part of my blog (or the internet as a whole) for some damned reason. It could be that they are 'part timing' it - they are also wives, daughters, married, etc. So, they're not thrilled about having their pictures taken. "What's mommy doing in her bathing suit?" Awkward.


Another perfectly good plan ruined by evil airlines. I am so bored that I called up the airline and asked them "How does standby work? I have a ticket for the end of March. If I was to show up ...er... tomorrow and wait, could I get a flight?

They said no.

Standby flights are (now) only for the day you were going to fly out on anyway. And they charge you an extra $50 for the pleasure of getting to fly slightly earlier.

Boy, that sucks. I am old enough to remember the 'good old days' when you could just show up and loiter about the airport hoping for a dirt cheap flight. No more.

So, in desperation (I am really going ape shit with boredom) I checked on flights to Morocco. A bit over a grand. Gack! It is appearing I am stuck in this dead town until my regularly scheduled flight outta here. Yes, I can spend another $800 to get to Spain, but not thrilled about that cost.

My plan was to go somewhere else and hang out till the 'group meet up' day got closer then go to London. But money is keeping me from that. Sucks. I'm probably going to have to suck it up for another month. If was was wealthy, I'd ditch the states tonight.


There I was, floating an air biscuit while meeting the Queen telling her I was just waiting for my mail order bride. When suddenly, I had a shart. <<< What the hell was I thinking about here? Left this in because it shows clear signs of mental instability. If I ever get convicted of a crime and need to plead insanity, consider this kind of crap that I'm laying my groundwork early.


Women have it much rougher than men on public transportation. If they don't want anyone to sit in the seat they have next to them, they have to put stuff on it. Men just grin and pat the seat next to them.


I wonder about these things, too.


Well, it looks as though Libya is starting to have riots of their own. Apparently the 'president elect for life and you get shot if you don't love that' is able to draw upon money and use that to throw at the problems. Plus, he has a much smaller population than Egypt. This makes it easier to control. I'm not sure if him being over thrown would be a good thing or bad thing to me. Remember that any time someone gets over thrown, they can always be replaced with someone worse. Although Libya wasn't anywhere near the top of the 'places Logan is planning on traveling, it is another one I will be watching with interest.


Well, in my wanderings to the coffee shop that is my social outlet I met a couple nice folks from Iran. I had asked what language they were guessing, thought Farsi, said Hebrew. I am fail. Anyway, we got to talking. They were pretty excited about their country and even volunteered to send me some tourist information about it. Unfortunately, Iran has three major things working against it.

1. The only way to get a 'tourist visa' is to a) be with an established tour group and b) the tour group has to submit their entire itinerary in advance and you actually have to be where it says you will be. This isn't fitting in too well with my plans on how I'm wanting to do tourist stuff - I want flexibility. If something is dull, I want the ability to move on quickly - if something is interesting, I want to stay for a week or two checking it out.

2. They seem to be experiencing the same 'Arabic uprising' (so to speak though theirs is called the 'Green Movement'. So, pretty much it's looking like another 'big riot waiting to happen' - or has been happening.

3. Although the people might like Americans, I'm not seeing a lot of reason for the Iranian government to be overly friendly to us.

If those two were any indication of the rest of their country, the folks are friendly and interesting. Hum. Looking at it the other way, if people in different countries think I am an indication of America, they may wage war on us. Probably not good. I did warn them if they read my blog they might think I was completely insane. People who don't know me well may think I am pandering to the lowest common denominator. People who do know me well say "No, he is the lowest common denominator."

They seemed interesting. I hope their government 'loosens up' after the current rebellion gets done - I'd like to see the country and meet the people. They've got a lot of history in there too. In the past, I've been to an Arabic country and would like to go to more. I hope things get resolved...


I was telling someone that since airline tickets one way are actually more expensive than round trip that I suspected the people who actually price the airline tickets are suffering from some sort of OCD. They like to make sure they put everyone back where they got them from in the first place.


One of the things mentioned to me is that I will have to build up new routines once I start traveling. My current routines (in addition to being now unbearably boring) are going to be changing wildly once I start to travel. Heck, they're already starting to change now.


  1. On the other hand, an easy way to stay in the country is to marry one of the locals. Offer an easy entry to America as a married woman to them, and they might agree. Then get a string of marriages across Europe!

  2. Logan, making women all over Europe happy...

    By offering them a chance to live in a country he's not in.

  3. To stave off boredom, have you checked out some of the MMOs that have gone F2P (Free to Play)? eg Champions Online, Pirates of the Burning Sea. I think there is a F2P component for Everquest or Everquest 2 now as well.

  4. Thought about it, they have plenty of them but honestly I'm not really into it right now.



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