Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, shit in a bag and punch it! I just don't know where I am right now. Fortunately a lot of other people don't seem to either. Hopefully, this trend will continue so that our future president won't be able to wage war on other people.


Well, it looks like they're going nuts there as well. Being that I am a greedy, selfish person I'm hoping that it gets cleaned up so I can travel through it between Tunisia and Egypt. Don't know if that will happen or how long it will take it to get ready for tourists. Well, at least not all of the violence there seems to be the USA's fault.


Apparently, lots of people. Here's a list of the various countries that I've got hits from thus far: Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela. Freaky.


"Long Way Down". Jamas had told me about this show existing, so I checked it out. Two guys on motorcycles make their way south through Africa. It was OK but not as good as 'Long Way Round' but I'm not really sure what was lacking. I think one interesting thing in this show was that Ewan McGregor's wife decided she wanted to go on a part of this extremely arduous biking through Africa. She wanted 'just a little taste' of what her husband was doing. This despite the fact that she had never been on a motorcycle before. I think she was with them for like a week out of the three month trip. I noticed that it seemed to be the bit of arsenic that poisons babies milk. It seemed to really upset Charley Boorman and put a bit of a wedge in the 'buddy film' type of thing. Boorman attempted to make it a bit lighthearted and all of that but it was obvious (well to some of us) that it really upset him. I can see where Mrs. McGregor was coming from but after seeing what it did to the series, it made me want to say "Get yer own series ya selfish bitch!". Seriously though, it probably would be nifty if the McGregor family was to go on a different bike tour as a family - don't mess with a winning interesting dynamic. Looking at the IMDB scores, the majority of people liked the second show series (down as opposed to round) less well than the first. I wonder if they also blame Mrs. McGregor?

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