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Those who know me well (or have seen me at a distance) know I am a fat guy. I like food. A lot. I recently found a show called "Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations". He covers food in foreign countries. I've seen a few of his shows. He reminds me of Elliott Gould for some reason. He is snarky and sarcastic. So far, it's good to see. Obviously, I've not been watching shows to areas that I have no plans to go within the foreseeable future - like 'Cleveland'. Is that even a real place? I don't think so. [I realize people who are allegedly from 'Cleveland' might argue "Well, then you're not real either!" to which I respond "Well, duh."]

I did have a show on Italy on my computer but it was done by some lady who they had hired from the 'put people to sleep' company. I managed to get it off of my computer before I slipped into a coma.

German Stammtisch

Got back from 'German Stammtisch' (where people sit around a table speaking in German) and got reminded that 'Germans don't get American humor'.

I had said "I'm self deprecating."

One said (after we explained the phrase 'self deprecating') "Why? You want pity?"

I said "No, I do it for humor. Sometimes you blow things up for humor value."

Another replied "You explode things?"

I said "No. It's not like that. You just make things out of proportion to show the humor. Like instead of knocking you light someones house on fire to get them to come out."

"You burn down peoples' homes?"

Realizing I had completely lost them I replied "And wait outside with a machine gun."

Now, they think I am a sociopath.


So - the lesson - if you are talking to someone born in a foreign country, slapstick is pretty much the big humor. Just fall down or talk about someone falling down in a humorous fashion. Don't make them think you'll come to their house, light it on fire and wait outside with a machine gun.

The sad thing is I had apparently lost at least one American in the discussion though I had a couple of others laughing.


Bert told me about this and I got to check it out at Best Buy. I didn't get to actually play with the pen but got to see a video at Best Buy rather. It looks interesting. Bert mentioned he is excited about getting one in the not too distant future. If he gives me his thoughts on it, I'll pass it on.

Yes, I do find it irritating that they continue to mangle existing couple words to describe something new. God help us if a time traveler came from the past and ran into our language. They would think we're complete idiots with words like 'smartpen', 'netbook' and 'texting'. It will be Idiocracy all over again.


You'd really think that Bert had less time on his hands than he apparently does with fixing two homes, moving, working and all of the rest but apparently he also found out it is actually possible for you to become a jedi. I haven't gotten to test out this new technology (nor do I think I will get to for awhile given my wandering coming up) but I will link an article Bert gave me as well as a youtube video that has some guy with a regular hand control on it for some reason.

One thing I found very troubling in the first article was that there is at least one person still jacking around in the 'virtual world' "Second Life". With the exception of 'if you speak into the mic people whose avatars are gathered around you closely can hear you and less so the further away you are' I found that to be nothing more than tons of dead space, advertisements and boredom.

Dealing with the new headset itself, I'm glad that they are making stuff like this although I think it will be a year or two before any decent games can incorporate this new, weird and exciting technology. It could be half a decade before any 'good' games can get it in there given the time it takes to understand new technology (assuming they release the codes to game companies) and plug it into a new game development cycle.

Games are certainly the driving force of new computer hardware. I can't really see someone developing anything like this without the mass market of games, though I think it is possible for this to be useful in a lot of stuff aside from games with clever thinking.

I'd like to thank Bert's diligence to new tech coming out and alerting me to it. If you (the reader) are thinking "I already knew about that!", well Bert beat you in the 'hey look, Logan, new shit!' notification so he gets the credit.

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