Sunday, February 13, 2011

How To Pick Up Prostitutes


Found this little gem on youtube. It contains some very good information for people who are clueless. It's good stuff.

It is shocking to me just how many countries allow this. I wish I'd had researched this for the blog post 'How Much Do Prostitutes Cost In Your Country?'

Gosh, this blog is more fun than burying a hooker in the desert!

It's important to be nice to women, unless you are going to be tying them to a table later! [Or if you are Matt and need more storage space for more dead hookers...]


Apparently we have some readers in Germany. In their honor, we present 'the Hoff'.


Can you say 'powder keg'? It appears that the rioting in Egypt is spreading. The 'green movement' as it's now getting called. It's really looking as though the US is happy for the chaos as well. Did they destabilize the governments? Only time will tell.

The funny thing is that everyone says it is an uprising against corruption. Kind of. From here, quote: "Workers stood in front of the Bank Misr and shouted: "We want more money! We want more money!" Now, I'm not a political science major but I'm thinking that money was at least the spark to all of this uprising going on. It's always about the money. Corruption seems ultimately to be about money.


So, I managed to put a small slice into my finger while doing up some onions. It bled like a stuck pig. I consulted with a friend of mine who reassured me that hands and head wounds bleed a lot in order to freak you out. Travis is correct. We can call him Dr. Travis - he seems better than many of the doctors I've seen.

It is especially ironic as I've trained in knife fighting. Apparently, I should have trained in cooking instead.

Anyway, after running cold water onto it to clean it out, I applied a 'hick bandage' (paper towels wrapped with any kind of tape/rope around) and had to change it once. Later, I decided to apply what I call a 'Bert band-aid' to it. This involves using super glue to help seal the wound. Now, a lot of people don't know this but super glue on skin is amazingly slow to dry. I'm not sure if it ever does. So, here's a tip - clear plastic. Hopefully it will come off later. If it doesn't, well... I'm not sure. I disinfected it with alcohol then stuck it to the finger. Covered it with a band-aid. I'll let you know how it works out.

On a slightly different note, this did help to tell me that my medic kit is woefully stocked. Sadly, I just can't get more shit into my bag - it's pretty full as it is. Maybe after some of the other stuff works its way out (or I get tougher) maybe I'll get a real medic kit someday.


  1. I should have given you more direction on that. You don't want to apply super glue directly on a fresh cut or bleeding wound. You use it once you've already started to clot to hold it together during motion or flexing of a joint. Directly on an open wound, non-medical grade super glue can cause skin irritation and necrosis of tissue around the wound. It's best used on abrasions or wounds that have already closed. Also good for over blisters to add a second skin.



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