Sunday, February 6, 2011

52 days to go...


Thursday the 3rd of March I've got to go to the dentist. Again. Last time I was there I was told by the dentist on duty there that she was too inept to pull a tooth. Forgive me for saying so, but isn't that a really basic dental thing? So, now I have to go back again. Unfortunately, I've already tapped my very patient friend Travis for a ride this month so I am not going to do that again. Hence, to get to the next town and see the dentist I will instead lay out $50 for a cab. That sucks. I'm hoping that this time - unlike last time - they actually have me scheduled for the amount of time it will take to get a tooth extracted. It's probably a good thing that I am getting it pulled before I leave as it's starting to ache. I was pondering putting it off until I got over seas (in the former Eastern Europe pay some dentist some cash to yank a simple tooth) but Bert convinced me to get done what I can here before I leave. I will get it done on the 3rd - unless they again put me off. Then, screw them, I'll go to a poorer country where they charge a hell of a lot less for medical work and get it done there.

My advice, get good dental insurance if you can. If you are dealing with the 'free' stuff, well they are able to clean the teeth but things beyond that are either 'not covered' or they have to call in a 'specialist' for as they are too inept.


This was on the 'Mandroppings' blog - I am thinking that TJ should get some special clothing like this for his kid. Good stuff.


What brought this topic on - a discussion on Facebook. Some friends were saying 'bigots are raised'. In other words, nobody starts out a bigot, they are raised to be one.

I don't know if it is 'politically correct' or not, but I group both men and women into this category. Anyone who knows me knows that Logan is NOT politically correct. Anyway, my opinion on 'gay folk' is 'I don't care'. I treat them just as well (or just as poorly) as everyone else. When I first meet someone my first question isn't 'Are you gay?' I really don't care enough to ask. My first question is 'Do we share any common interests we can chat about?' If the answer is no to that, then I'll try to find out if they have any hobbies or interests that I think are interesting.

Now on 'same sex marriages' I do have an opinion. It is "Of course they should be allowed! Why should only the straight people suffer an over 50% (USA) divorce rate, higher taxes and be trapped in a loveless marriage? Lets have some equality here - let them get married!"

Throughout my life, I've had a lot of gay friends, male and female. Hell, I hung out with theater groups! God knows that if you weren't 'exposed' to the gay culture before you are there. I've been to 'get-togethers' hosted by gay couples in their homes. It doesn't really bother me. I would say that my appearance is such that anyone - straight or gay - doesn't approach me for sex (unless I'm paying).

Personally, I think that the people who have it best are bisexuals. They literally have twice as many chances for a date!

People who are unkind to the Logan might even say "Oh, he hates everyone equally." Not sure if I can deny that. But I am making an effort to be nicer.

I do think that gays in the USA have it easier than many other countries despite some discrimination, not being able to marry their partner in many states still, etc. An extreme example lies in Iran.

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